Love; the flowering of personal qualities, your soul or self. Sometimes the vagina. The flowering of our ripeness to live, love and reproduce, and its passing. Because flowers are the beautiful sexual organs of the plant it often refers to our own flowering of our sexuality and the wonder of love that is connected with such opening.

But sexuality is often seen as only relating to the urge to reproduce, but unfortunately people take that to simply mean sex. But we are actually seeking the reproduction of our whole potential; namely a healthy physical body – the ability to relate in a caring loving manner to each other, which starts with the relationship between father and mother and child. But from that it expands to a relationship with the culture and society of the time, with the great learning we have been left, and then a relationship with Life/God itself. I use the word IT because you cannot call the amazing emergence of our universe and ourselves a He – for it is all inclusive and is still a mystery we are still exploring. See Opening to Life

 The Rosicrucian’s, who use the cross with a rose at the centre, speak of it as symbolising the trials and difficulties of life, upon which the soul personality of man opens and blooms like a rose.

The rose has always represented love, and has even been a major symbol in Christianity, the Virgin being called The Mystic Rose. In general, the rose depicts a quality in you opening and flowering. It can also signify deep sensuality, sexuality and the vagina.

But the most common association is the giving or reminder of love. However, the colours have gradually assumed different meanings, indicating what type of love is given. So in some countries you would not give a woman red roses unless she were single and you were sincerely in love with her. The red rose is passionate, sensual love.

The yellow rose has the meaning of friendship and gladness; the white rose depicts purity, silence, even secrecy. Pink suggests gentle love, ‘thank you’ and appreciation. Orange roses are expressing desire and enthusiasm. A red rosebud is an image of girlhood, passion but still unexplored or just opening. A thornless rose is saying ‘this is love at first sight’.

 Example: I came across a hawthorn tree woven into which was a rose bush. The berries and hips were loaded, but not quite ripe.

Example: I began to realise how life was bursting forth in the garden. Looking up in the hedge I noticed a large pod expanding on top of a stalk. It was visibly getting larger, like a balloon. Suddenly it opened, forming many stalks with leaves and small rose buds. Another pod was doing the same. As I watched I noticed a young woman nearby. I called to her to witness this extraordinary explosion of growth and life – a dynamic extravagant springtime of activity. I wept at the beauty. I wept because of the profound wonder of the formless reality that underlies the vast ever changing world of phenomena.

Example: One person, “looking for herself, came upon a tightly closed box. Tearing it open – in her fantasy – she found inside a lovely rose, and realised that she had been enclosed in a box of Puritanism, of self-denial and physical shame. The outer petals of the rose, pink and mauve, seemed to whirl and dance; they sent her fancy spinning off like a ballerina into flowered landscapes of delicious femininity. The inner petals were shaded from the light, obscure and mysterious. Here the colours darkened to deep crimson and velvet purple. They reflected her deep animality. These she avoided, until she realised that it took both the light and the dark to make a lovely rose. She could not have one without the other. Gradually the rose became a nourishing symbol in her life and growth.”


Useful Questions and Hints:

What colour are the roses?

Did someone give them to you?

What are you doing with the roses?

You might have a personal association with the colour of the roses, if so what are they?

Who gave you the roses in your dream, is it a special person or love in your life, or a person who deserves attention?

What you are doing with the roses indicates how you receive love and attention. Throwing them away for instance would show you rejecting the love offered.




-nulia 2016-08-21 14:09:31

I was given a white rose in my dream by someone I didn’t know. Though he sent the roses through someone else and the name I was given doesn’t ring a bell. I seem very happy, smelt the roses and was tying them up together. The white roses were quite plenty.

-Roksana Alliyy 2014-06-24 11:19:40

Hi Tony

I am currently talking to Barbara Osborne and we are having an interesting conversation.

I had a dream that I wanted some guidance around. I have a dream with 3 men in it for a few years and the most recent one was after seeing 3 white roses. The one man I had a loving and gentle connection but was unable to tell me. The two were very aggressive in getting what they want, one raping me to get it and the other locking me away and forcing me to marry him. I did fall in love with him as very caring and I did love and understand the one who raped me and what he needed from me but as a friend at the end of the dream. I have three white roses growing equally on my rose bush and three red roses on my other rose bush, I picked two of the red roses and put them in the house as I needed to take the net off for plants to grow fully. I have one left on it.

Any advice and guidance offered appreciated.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-06-26 8:29:02

    Roksi – I felt as I read your dream that you have learned to love and forgive. I salute you.

    Love in your dream is represented by the roses – passionate physical love by the red roses, and love that transcends the physical and personal needs we have to be loved. The one red rose left sounds as if you still have needs for personal love. Please see


-Jacky 2012-11-29 20:19:56

Could you tell me the meaning of ‘cloth’ roses?

Thank you

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