The surrendering or giving up of some part of yourself; or sacrificing the wishes of others for your own purposes. It can sometimes show some sort of decision, or point of change, where a sacrifice is made in order to grow. It can therefore represent being able to let go of something. The sacrifice, shown in some dreams as a human sacrifice, may be painful. See: Bull.

May refer directly to feeling someone is or will make you a scapegoat; sometimes connected with decision making – we cannot have all things at once, so we are willing to sacrifice one thing for another. It occurs in some dreams that where a change is occurring in one’s personality – parts of our nature we once identified with – can now be allowed to die to the process of growth.

Also sacrifice often depicts a strange fact of human psychology. Some aspects of oneself grow in strength and maturity by letting them ‘die’. While we maintain a behaviour pattern or belief, it stays in its habitual form. When we let go of it, a new approach can emerge.

The beautiful and self-sacrificing side of love – it often leads to a form of death, but also of rebirth, and thus a meeting with the universal life of which you are a part, and a connection with it through self sacrifice or surrender.

Such death is basically a point of transformation and sacrifice, what you are willing to sacrifice may suggest what you give the highest value to in your life, and what you worship; perhaps what you are sacrificing.  To know who you are, or what the underlying reality is, you have to be willing to be sacrificed in this way.

Perhaps, just as we recap our ancestor’s physical stages of development, in the maturing process of our psyche, we have to recap these psychic processes also. The coming of a Messiah gradually broke into the age of lust and slavery. Certainly the question of what is one’s fundamental nature might not be answered until one was willing to be sacrificed as a saviour.

 Example: I am going through masses of evolutionary feelings. The struggle to develop self-consciousness, and how the Messiah was first of all a fantasy, then an embodiment. Then how other people lived certain aspects of it, and were taken to be the Messiah, the Krishna, whatever. They did bring into the body another type of awareness, that mankind had been struggling toward for so long. This is where the mystery of the birth of Christ comes from. Why there is no real historical person. Why there is so much myth and legends surrounding such events. It is the embodiment of something mankind needed so much, to help them out of their crisis, for such men and women lived showing no fear of death and loved beyond the sexual impulse – they gave themselves.

Useful questions and hints:

Do I feel that I have surrendered or given up a part of myself for something or someone?

Does it imply sacrificing the wishes of others for my own purposes?

Is this a ritual sacrifice where an animal is involved? (If so, look up the animal in question and come up with a definition of how this relates to your current life. Go back into the dream if needed to get more information)

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