A way to have an easier and more comfortable way to deal with your instincts. A horse within us for instance is a dynamic power and a means of locomotion; it carries one away like a surge or instinct. It is subject to panics like all instinctive creatures which lack higher consciousness. But humans also are prone to panic attacks and are often subject to massive fears and anxieties – just like all other mammals. The great difference is that when the threat had gone the horse calms down, but the human can play it over again and again causing havoc within them.

Saddling a horse is a major step in helping the horse to become ‘domesticated’ – and in a dream this represent taking on social responsibility.

How you deal with getting in the saddle and dealing with the horse shows how well you can handle your instinctive side of you nature, because in fact, “You ride an ancient beast.” The ancient beast is your body, and your conscious self is the modern and recent rider of it. See Horse Horses

If thrown from saddle: Out of control of your ability to deal with your

natural urges.

Riding well without a saddle: Feeling in complete harmony with your natural urges and sexual feelings, as in dream example.

Example: I was allowed the use of a huge dark brown horse. I climbed on its bare back. I had asked for it not to be saddled. But it didn’t have a bridle either. This made me apprehensive as I felt I would not be able to direct the horse. The horse galloped along. I found that I felt good on its back, and if I leaned in the direction I wanted to go, the horse would turn. As I rode I felt now in wonderful harmony and rhythm with the horse. So, much so I almost had an orgasm.

Example: Coming in from the desert. The man I am with – the teacher – tells me it is time I have my own horse and gives me a horse/pony – not tall, maybe 14/15 hands high called Ginger. I am returning to the stables and lead Ginger back. I have a saddle and bridle too. At one point I have the saddle on Ginger’s rump and she tries to go off in another direction. I tell her that we aren’t going there.

Example: I had a dream where I took a pony to a terraced house. I entered and discovered two police officers living there who I knew. I had to get out as they would be angry with me. I had written something in chalk on their steps. A female officer saw me and I galloped off bareback up the road. The pony had no shoes either.

Your dream shows you learning to direct your natural energy – the pony, with no saddle or shoes, meaning not tamed – but there’s a bit of a struggle with conforming – suggesting that you are still learning to be an adult not conforming but not being a spoilt child either. You’re doing okay though. So, feel good on the pony, but don’t run away from the police. Balance the two.

Example: I was in a field, a low hilltop, and the field was ploughed. My friend John was with me. There was a young but large, slightly long haired horse with us. It was the size of the medium sized cart horses of my childhood. I had been helping or encouraging John to ride the horse, but he found this difficult and didn’t manage it for long. So, I got on the horse and started riding it to show John how it was done. John became very excited about this. I had the sense that he really wanted to know or see that it was possible. Or maybe the excitement was that I could demonstrate that it could be done.

As we were crossing the brow of a hill the horse broke into an exuberant gallop. He ran as horses run sometimes as they gallop in high spirits – not in any particular direction. At first I felt concerned about this. Firstly, in case I was unseated – but that was okay and there was no sense of falling off so I began to relax.

John was a person the dreamer often helped dealing with problems, so John not doing so well on the horse shows the dreamer has to be aware and deal with the situation. He feels concern when the horse lets its full energy express but he soon can relax as he feels he doesn’t have to be in control because the horse and the rider become one. See Control Controlled Controlling

Idioms: saddled with; saddle up; tall in his saddle; burr under your saddle; like a saddle on a sow; back in the saddle; saddled with.

Useful questions and hints:

Am I being ‘saddled’ or imposed upon in some way, or imposing on someone else?

How does the dream suggest I am dealing with my natural urges?

What am I feeling in the dream?


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