How are you at handling unforeseen things in your life or difficult feeling? The images in sailing lend themselves to depict human endeavours to work with the tides and influences of life.

Dealing well with wind and waves: Suggests being able to meet internal and external pressures, emotions and drives, and using them to advantage.

Being overwhelmed or sinking: Finding emotional, sexual drives and anxieties too much to cope with. See: boat and ship.

Example: I am always joining a ship. Sometimes I manage to board the ship only to reach my cabin to find I’ve all my uniform dirty, or I have forgotten to pack tropical gear, or my gear is dirty. I am trying to get to the laundry to have it washed ready for sailing.

Not being ready for his big inner adventure. See The Inner World

 Example: I was sitting in a boat. It was a small sailing boat, on the sea. In one hand I was holding an ash tray with a joint, in the other hand was a glass of wine. I realised I couldn’t steer the boat while I was holding both. Bitz.

This dream clearly shows how the dreamer’s habits of drinking and smoking leave him unable to steer the ‘boat’ of his life properly.

Idioms: Plain sailing; sail against the wind; sail close to the wind; sail into something; sail under false colours; set sail; trim one’s sails; take the wind out of someone sails.


Useful questions and hints:

Have you developed adaptability meeting life’s changes?

Are you ready to direct your life and guide it well?

Am I strong enough to face the ocean?

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