One’s ability to meet the storms and calms of life. Your means or strategies of coping with emotions. Desire to change, to move, to see more of life. Ability to cope with life.

Sailors are often indicators of adventure or a lover – perhaps a sexual adventure or a desire to roam the world.

We often do things in our dreams that have no place there. For example, we may dream of falling into the sea and be terrified we will drown. That is ridiculous because we can easily breathe under water in a dream, or fly, or die and be re-born. The sea we fear drowning in, the sky we fear falling from, the monsters we run from, are our own emotions. We drown in sorrow, we fall in our own estimation, and we may run from responsibility or decisions. Learning to breathe under water, to fly, to confront monsters in our dreams is a way of learning how to handle our own feelings – just like a sailor learns to handle the sea. It is a life skill. But sailors may, in times of war, face battle conditions, so are trained to face the major conflicts of one’s life.

All of us need to be sailors of our own emotions. Just as it is a good policy to learn to swim and drive a car – so it is good to learn how to deal with emotions such as anger, sexual hunger. Cars and water we may only face occasionally – our emotions and fears we meet twenty-four hours a day for a lifetime.

Idiom: swear like a sailor; all the nice girls love a sailor; sailors have a girl in every port


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I have a desire for adventure, to see more of life…the desire to change?

If I am, or have been a sailor, do memories or experience still influence me?

What is happening to me in the dream?

What feelings or emotions did I experience?

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