Sometimes this is a direct reference to your body’s need for such foods. It might also suggest the lack of meaty – sexual – experience, or you are taking in feelings and influences that are alive and create personal growth. Like plants in a dream, the salad can indicate the living growing things in you, or if you are dieting it might have a message connected with food choices. If you eat salad regularly then it is about your life choices – your way of life.  See: Food

Some people see salad as rabbit’s food, so if you have that association it is saying something about losing out on something you feel you need.

Or if there are any thoughts or aim to eat salad to slim, then the dream is probably commenting on your aim of slimming.

Example: ‘I was looking everywhere for some green stuff to eat. I saw a field of cabbages, but, as they were not mine, could not eat the leaves.’ A couple of days before, the dreamer had prepared a salad for dinner, as it was winter, and the family were getting few ‘living’ foods. So we see that the conscious concern over ‘living’ foods has been used as a symbol in the dream. Thus the search for green leaves represents a search for something of her own that is living. The woman had been wondering what her own personal capabilities in life were. As the dream shows, she will not be satisfied or feel happy by simply taking or copying what others have done, or eating/using the rewards of their labours.

Example: A diet dream occurred to a man. In the dream he was climbing a staircase, but on every step were salads and dairy produce. This is implying that every step of his self-improvement or climb in life, depended on the right type of food.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there any hint about dieting or slimming in the dream?

Does the dream suggest you need a simple, but nourishing experiences?

What feeling did you experience in the dream?

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