Saliva Spit Spittle

Love or hate. It carries your inner feelings or spirit with it. The feelings connected with the saliva suggest what ‘energy’ it carries with it.

Your essence or spirit; the emotional or feeling energy of your being. Ancient people said the saliva carried mana that might be translated as life energy. The saliva, if it is from someone else, may suggest feelings of repulsion unless we love that person.

Spitting: Projecting one’s emotional energy. The mood or attitude with which one does this gives the clue to what you are ‘putting out’ to others or the world, or ‘spitting up’ out of your own feelings, sometimes links with bitterness or anger.

Spitting out lots of teeth: Something you want to ‘spit out’ in the sense of admitting, saying, or expressing something emotionally.

Example: ‘For some considerable time now I have been troubled by a nightmarish dream which is so realistic sometimes I think I am going to die. In my dream I have swallowed something which is literally choking me or is going to poison me. I wake up and rush down the stairs to the kitchen spitting and choking, holding my throat and making all sorts of disturbing noises that frighten my wife. I have had this dream as many as five or six times a night. My doctor says it could be to do with the last war. I was a child then and my dad had to constantly wake me up to take us down to the shelter, sometimes as many as four times a night, and we were bombed out twice. I cannot recall having any fears about this at the time.’ Mr. K. T

Mr. K. was obviously trying to spit out difficult feelings from his childhood. See Life’s Little Secrets – Children’s Traumatic Fears

 Example: It started with me meeting a man (or rather a boy of about 17 – I’m 25) that I don’t recognize, but in the dream we knew each other. We were sitting on a couch at a café and for some reason I tried to kiss him, but instead of kissing me back, he spat me in the face. I ran out of the café to take a bus home. At the bus stop, there was a trash bin with a dead fox and a dead crow in it.

So I feel you offered love, and that is a very powerful thing – but you didn’t get the response you expected. Then you ran away. The young man represents, I guess, your feelings about wanting a man in your life, and then the rejection. Have you felt rejection in the past? The spitting comes from being confronted by something so painful that you feel that life without love is like a living death. But you could change what are habits of reaction by using Secrets of Power Dreaming 

Saliva: Most mammals lick their young at birth as in the photo. Not only does the touch soothe the baby it also comforts it for it is not alone to face the ‘World’.

A common belief is that saliva contained in the mouth has natural disinfectants, which leads people to believe it is beneficial to “lick their wounds”. Researchers at the University of Florida at Gainesville have discovered a protein called nerve growth factor (NGF) in the saliva of mice. Wounds doused with NGF healed twice as fast as untreated and unlicked wounds; therefore, saliva can help to heal wounds in some species. NGF has not been found in human saliva; however, researchers find human saliva contains some antibacterial agents.

As well as being growth factors, IGF-I and TGF-α induce antimicrobial peptides.[30] Saliva also contains an analgesic, opiorphin. Licking will also tend to debride the wound and remove gross contamination from the affected area. In a recent study, scientists have confirmed through several experiments that the protein responsible for healing properties in human saliva is, in fact, histatin. Scientists are now looking for ways to make use of this information in ways that can lead to chronic wounds, burns, and injuries being healed by saliva.

 Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the dream suggest giving of your strength or healing?

If I am spitting, what expression am I spitting out…anger, bitterness, disgust?

Am I really just clearing mucous?


-Laura Lynne Watson 2018-02-27 17:02:07

I had a dream i was on vacation in North Truro, MA. I use to go here often as a kid, but it looked different. The beach had eroded a lot & there was a hot tub in the bay, about 2~3 yards away from the beach. I was swimming & then I kept feeling a pull, but it really felt like the water pulling me out. My younger brother & sister were with me but they were 3 or 4 years old(they’re 18 going onto 19). I reached out & asked my brother, who was playing in the sand, to help me get back to shore but then I told him not to because I remembered he can’t swim. Then I realized a Central American looking man was grabbing me & pulling me. He kept laughing so I turned & punched him in the face a few times. They were weak punches & because he continued to laugh, I spat in his face. I finally threw a few great punches that messed up the bridge of his nose & he laughed thru it but he gave me $20 to stop punching him. I swam back to shore & thought to myself had he not been a fool he wouldnt have lost his money.

-Augusta 2018-02-12 15:11:00

I dreamt my friends spit on my things we were lying in bed never to kiss before in Real life but in my dream he was on top of me he kissed me and then spit on my face but it was like a romantic speeds and I got up went to the toilet and he shouts my name running out of the door and telling me he as taking money out of my purse and he will be back.

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