Salesman Saleswoman

Someone seeking to influence you; a person offering you an opportunity; one’s business sense. Or that you are confronted by choices, perhaps because you are looking for something or ‘shopping for ideas’.  

Being pressured to buy unsuitable clothing from a persistent salesman is often a warning against accepting other people’s words or influence.

Another possibility is that the salesperson represents your drive to earn a living in a way that is about consumerism rather than you own living drives.

In a woman’s dream: Perhaps a hint of things you want – a lover, a new romance – that you are not admitting to yourself; salesman may be the man in your life trying to get what he wants at your expense.

Example: The salesman pulls out a big box of garlic oil and starts telling me all of the benefits of garlic oil. He also has a big brochure which shows all his stores in California – 10-12 of them. “All good foods for life,” he says.

Example: I have moved into a new house. We had gone to bed early and the doorbell  rang. When I answered it a salesman was there. I felt he was one of the pushy people who have nothing I want. All they want to do is sell something they have which will earn them a crust. The man was into the house. I got hold of his hair and dragged him out of the house – his body literally prone and dragging on the floor – put him out and shut the door.

Example: When Frank came out of the shop I saw the tremendous tension, uncertainty and pain he had. He was holding a little parcel that he couldn’t post because he hadn’t wrapped it properly. So I went into the shop to get Frank a label for the parcel. A salesman was in there, rather fat. I could see his overweight was the expression of a terrible powerful fawning attitude he had. I looked at Frank and hugged him and got very close.


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