Value, goodness, luck, taste, adding spice to life. Something that transforms your experience. Salt also preserves. When Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt, it symbolised the desire to stop spiritual or mental progress. Salt here symbolises materialism, stagnation, lack of growth or change, preservation. Salt may also suggest friendship, good or bad luck.

The subtle qualities you bring to your activities that transform them from empty trivialities into meaning or savour; zest; may sometimes refer to the body’s reaction to salt. So the salt can suggest the subtle qualities you bring to your activities that transform them from empty trivialities into meaning or give them zest.

In past eras salt was thought to provide a barrier which evil entities could not cross.

 Example: In the dream, I ran upstairs and looked out the window and realized that there was an entire circle of black barking dogs surrounding the house. I told the wife we needed to get salt and circle the house. (I have no idea in real life what this means). We took all this salt and put it all around the house and it seemed the dogs couldn’t cross the salt.

It may also point to your body’s reaction to salt. This because salt is at the root of a lot of health problems, especially heart problems, high blood pressure and migraines. See Migraine – Self Help  

Salt has been used for centuries as a preservative and also a healer. Also a 19th-century treatment for the respiratory tract was the inhalation of salt. Galleries for spa guests were built above steaming salt pans. Besides the use of sulphur from a spring in the salt mountain and mud, mostly Bad Ischl salt was used as remedy. Also it can mean stopping the action of something as happened when Lot’s wife was turned into a column of salt.

The sea is the mother of life on our planet. We also have the ancient sea inside us as the water within us, which has the same saline level as salt from when life left the ocean. In dreams I see salt being a link with the ancient source of Life within us – for we are the very tip of the reaching branches of life – so tender.

Example: I am sitting in a car on the seat next to the driver. My window is open. I see people standing on the street and I take from somewhere outside of the car a handful of coarse sea salt or salt from a mine. I do not want the people on the street to see that I carefully manage to put my hand in my trousers, in order to not spill any of the salt, and I put it on my vulva. I know the salt is meant to heal and to bring the area back to life again. The area starts to tingle, especially my clitoris, the same feeling when a body part has fallen asleep and starts to wake up again after that.

Idioms: Above/below the salt – in or out of honour; salt a mine; salt something away; with a pinch of salt; worth one’s salt; salt into a wound; salt of the earth; a grain of salt; go pound salt

 Useful Questions and Hints:

Does this indicate ‘adding spice to life’?

Is this about preserving something so that no change occurs?

Does this show good or bad luck (throwing salt over one’s shoulder for instance)?

Am I purifying or cleansing something in the dream?

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