Communication with others and with your sense of wholeness. Link between physical and your extended nature. Sometimes a feeling of being isolated or disconnected, as in a relationship where you are treated like a satellite – all your activities having to centre around something or someone.

Communication between the more global or cosmic awareness of the unconscious, and our everyday waking self.

A satellite person: Often we make a satellite character of the person we “love”. In other words, we try to make them swing around us in the way that suits our emotional and physical needs. Notice how many people have breakdowns, depression, or even commit suicide when their partner leaves them, goes with another person or dies. It can depict feelings you have about being a satellite person. That is, someone whose life revolves around another person and their orbit.

Being attacked from satellite or UFO: Thinking and feeling has been split from realistic evaluation, perhaps because internal pain is scrambling communications. See UFO; Reaction to the unconscious; Alien

If in satellite: Might suggest loss of a down to earth attitude; global view.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What was your relationship with the satellite?

Was it influencing you or were you interacting with it?

Have you a satellite dish at home?

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