Penis or male sexuality; down to earth experience. Something forbidden for some people if it contains pork.

 Example: I laugh at the way the unconscious presents imagery. It is so wonderfully versatile, sensitive, artistic, crude – a master of imagery. The laughter is because the fantasy now presents me with the view of a hot dog/sausage being fried slowly in a pan on a stall. As I watch I feel/realise that this is the heating up of the male sexual feeling, getting one excited, the preparation for sex seen from a different perspective.

Example: In another she found herself speaking in a broad country dialect, although her normal accent was impeccable; and in another she discovered that the dinner she was about to serve consisted of sausages and baked beans. She felt insecure about because of her working class background, and resented her husband’s unthinking strain imposed on her. From Dream Power

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