This often indicates your sense of security, or the parts of your feelings or character that you hold in store or to not express. As such it can illustrate your potential.

There are many ways we save – money – food – water – energy/electricity – lives.

Having savings: Having a safety net in difficult times. Being wise in worldly ways. See

Not having savings: Like as squirrel who doesn’t save nuts during the autumn harvest season, it could face disaster.

 Example: One day on exploring a dream I realised that all my life I had worked for money, and in all those years I was no better off financially. In fact, I was always in the red. With the realisation came the insight that I could get money to work for me. I started by my wife and I saving as much as possible. I saw people in super markets piling bottles of alcohol and other unnecessary expenses – one we couldn’t afford. So gradually we saved a £1000 – enough to enter an investment fund. Gradually I learned how to make money work for me. I learned gradually to keep my expectations simple, and not invest in chancy things. Today I am earning enough to live on. I made money work for me. See Funding

Example: I was saving up a great deal of anger to let loose against – for her getting me in another such situation again – since she was the one who had parked the car there this time and I simply had been there by accident. I was also angry because she had left the car open with a suitcase half full of junk in the back seat and the keys in the ignition. When I had left the cop, he was looking through the suitcase in the back seat.

Example: I stop at a gas station where an admiral is giving a speech to car load of Air Force people for saving our lives. He comments that he still believes in the draft. This officer apparently had been on the plane with us.

Idioms: saving for a rainy day; a stitch in time saves nine; save a bundle; save face; save your bacon; save your skin/neck

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is happening in the dream about save or saving?

Can you learn anything from the dream?

What are your feel about saving?

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