Dreaming of scales may indicate a search for or giving of justice. Also suggests personal conscience or trying to make a decision – weighing the information, so fair play and trying to find a balance.

If your birth sign is Libra – the Scales, it is a “Cardinal” “Air” sign. It denotes the kind of mental activity that ‘‘judges; weighs – up’’; “balances”; “harmonises”; “adjusts”; “pacifies,” etc. Its judgements are not the quick, intuitional decisions of “Aries; they are arrived at usually after certain vacillation, consideration and balancing up of ‘‘pros and cons’’; but when arrived at they are just and fair.


Libra is not prone to “take sides” in a partisan manner, but aims at drawing a true line of justice between opposing opinions. It is the “reasoning” sign. Its essence is harmony or “repose” – using that word in the sense it is used when we speak of a satisfactory musical composition or any work of Art: “an attained satisfaction” – “peace.” It is figured in the Zodiac as a pair of Scales.

Scaling a wall or mountain indicates achievement if successful, or effort without satisfaction if it doesn’t succeed. Getting higher can show you trying to escape from something, or getting a higher or better view of where you are in life, and maybe where you are, or want to, go/going.

Scales on fish may represent the shining thoughts and feelings that make up the innermost self.

Example: I see a path close to the mountains and I take it. It was sloppy and I figured out I can move faster if I skate (ski) it with my legs. I start to scale the mountains by skiing just with my legs. The path is winding and beautiful, I decide that I can enjoy the moment a bit but I was determined to find my way to my car.


Example: The scales are also such a deep symbol that was imprinted on us early in our climb into self-consciousness. But we projected it into the heavens as an astrological sign. We do not see it in our everyday lives much now, but only a few years ago it was everywhere seen representing fair dealings, justice, pay back, the measure of your soul – remember Shakespeare and the pound of flesh.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Are the scales weighing something – if so what is it indicating?

Do the scales in any way indicate judgement – if so what is it?

What balance are you trying to find in yourself?

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