Your analytical mind, an attempt to weigh and measure life, to discover its usefulness and how to apply it. May also symbolise an intellectual unfeeling attitude.

Creative rational mind; the drive or ability to analyse or intellectual curiosity. In some dreamers the scientist is the fear of rational critical people – or looking at oneself analytically; attempted insight into the unconscious through rational investigation.

The scientist represents a learned person, a discoverer, inventor, and developer of new ideas, experimentation and invention. In some people’s mind, the scientist also represents eccentricity and absentmindedness.

The scientist of your dream can indicate the power to bring about change or results – as when working with chemicals or great universal forces a scientist brings results.

Depending on the theme of the dream, a scientist might also indicate a great questioner, a quester for the truth. The scientist may mull the facts over, he may worry, but in principle what he has to do is wait to see what the results are.

Scientists do have personal ambitions, and like most human beings, scientists can be racist and hypocritical and can make bad moral choices in complex situations.

 Example: Joyce Armstrong came in looking a bit dishevelled and said she had discovered what God was, and said God was a tiny piece of metal in the womb that developed into a baby. There was a lot of coming and going in the bedroom after this. Then I got up and went into the garden. There was a white haired venerable man there who was a psychic researcher or psychic scientist. I told him what Joyce said, and he was going to look into it.

Example: As I arrived, I saw some very strange globes or ovoids, about eight to ten feet across, spreading across the water in formation. A scientist, with a very complicated large instrument was trying to analyse what these were. They were colourless, perhaps like an air bubble, but opaque and perhaps more solid, but fluid in movement. There were perhaps six or eight of these on the water. The question, not spoken, but felt, was, were they from outer space?

Something was released, but was the means to opening, for another power, or flow, from beyond myself, to come into me from the spheres. This flowed in, and I then slept in a deep peace that bathed all my body. There was a flowing feeling which received another power. The pleasure is the means for this other level of experience to flow in.


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