Cutting remarks; cynicism; sharp tongue; anger; fear of or feelings about castration – female castration expresses in cutting off breasts – the cutting off of developing sexual characteristics in body and mind; sometimes refers to separation or independence – as in cutting umbilical cord. We can cut off or repress any aspect of our feelings or mind, so the scissors can depict this.  See: Castration.

Scissors used in hair cutting could suggest changes in you appearing by cutting out some thinking, or over thinking some things. See Hair

Cutting cord: Death; cutting something or someone out of one’s life; cutting off or cutting out feelings. It could also relate to the umbilical cord. Sometimes are shown in regard to separation or independence – as in cutting umbilical cord, or cutting someone out of your life. For some people the separation can indicate a death.  See Umbilical Cord

 Example: A girl suffering from anorexia told me a dream in which she was cutting off her own breasts with scissors. It takes little imagination to see the dream as portraying the development of her sexual traits – her breasts – and depicts her trying to rid herself of them. Perhaps she ‘cuts them off’ by not eating, and thus not giving her body and psyche enough energy and nourishment to mature. In the past, it would have been recommended that she give offerings to a goddess, thus aligning her with the unconscious archetype or power to become a woman. Such methods were the form of psychotherapy used by ancient cultures.

Example: I recently took three antidepressant pills over 6 days. During this time, I had dreams that my brain was being snipped with scissors. I also developed a large pimple between my eyes – the region of the third eye or crown chakra. And…my friend in Singapore developed a searing headache between her eyes (again the crown chakra) just after I took the third pill. When she called me to tell me about it, her headache automatically went away. All of this suggests to me that antidepressants cut off our third eye connection to our higher self or whatever spiritual connection exists.  Jan

Example: I had a dream that I was carrying a foetus inside me. My uterus was see-through, so I could see the foetus’ every movement which made me feel sick to my stomach. I loved the baby but it was a burden to me. The next thing I remember from the dream is that I was holding the baby, which was somehow still a foetus inside a bag of fluid. I cared for it, but suddenly realized that the bag was punctured and the baby was suffocating from the lack of fluid. When the fluid was completely drained from the bag, the bag got so tight that it was about to suffocate the baby. So I took scissors and cut it off, knowing the baby would die no matter what I did.

The dream tells me a story that the dreamer has been carrying a conflict inside of her. It is difficult to have conceived of this and yet it is creative act and yet a burden. Then she is ‘holding the baby’ and she realised that what she has taken so long on giving life to is suffocating. What it means is that she has taken a lot of time and bad feelings to bring this out of her to her awareness, and it is a conflict between love and being burdened. Is it about a risk she has taken with love?

 Example: The woman then went into a kind of transfiguration trance and seemed to become in turn, a native Indian, a midlands woman and an Aztec idol, all combined. I shook the short, stumpy hand of the green and yellow idol and the voice then told me that I should get my hair cut, not a lot, but trimmed just a little to tidy it up.  Then my husband apeared and got some scissors and in two or three snips had done the job, he did it very well and it seemed to suit me.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it you desire to cut out of your life?

Are you cutting away or releasing what is unnecessary in your life?

Do you feel cut off from others, or from yourself?

Have you something or someone that is influencing you and you wish to cut off from?

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