It can represent the energy you put into fixing, joining or releasing things in yourself. But a large screwdriver can represent many things, for it can be a lever shifting stuck things, or can pierce things or even be used like a knife in injuring.

But in today’s talk it can be saying you are messing things up, “screwing around,” fooling around with sex without any care, or just having sex – not making love – just sex.

 Example: I was going to the back of my dream car and saw a box of tools. I noticed a very large and powerful screwdriver, the strongest looking thing I had ever seen. Also saw a very big and businesslike shoulder drill. Again the biggest I have ever seen. As I looked I realised I had not known I had these tools.

Example: So we each grab a screwdriver as we are waiting for the dog to attack us I stand in front of my wife and just as the dog jumps up I stab it multiple times in the neck and skull. I look to my wife to see if she’s okay then I look towards the dog but the dog turned into my three-year-old son who starts talking and calling for his mama and dad (which are me and my wife) his grandma and grandpa. I look at my hands which are covered with blood and the screwdriver.

The possible meaning is that because he may have felt threatened by his own aggressive feelings, he tries to kill it in himself, not realising that killing the natural is an attack on any emergence of the natural urges in his own inner child and perhaps on any child he relates to.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the screwdriver used for in the dream?

Where you attacked or attacking with the screwdriver?

Did you have any sexual fantasies in this dream?

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