Unlike bathing or showering which are quite relaxing, scrubbing uses a lot of energy. It therefore shows that you are energetically cleansing something, maybe something in you that has got grimed in and so needs scrubbing off.

Scrub can also refer to low bushes, so suggests barriers that are usually easy to get through.

 Example: But mostly trying to figure out these dreams just makes me feel queasy and revolted. I’d really like to just scrub them from my memory entirely.

Example: I clear shelves and desks, removing utensils and garbage from them. I scrub the shelves. Others question why I’m putting so much effort into scrubbing these filthy shelves. I say that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I working hard to clean up parts of my personality, or some other situation?

What is it that is being scrubbed?

Can I identify with what is being done in the dream?

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