Scroll Scrolling

As can be seen from the examples, mention of a scroll in a dream suggest very important events in the inner life of the dreamer.

Dreaming of scrolls can indicate you have uncovered in yourself wisdom arising from your ancestral memories, or form your contact with the depths of your own consciousness. It might also ling with abilities unfolding in you like intuition, seeing more in life than what your senses usually show you, or knowledge that springs up without thinking. There may also be a link with quantum memory, what in past ages was called akashic records.

The scrolling example also highlights an important and amazing transformation.

 Example: I receive some news. I am in a room with many other people.  The local priest is present and hands me one of two scrolls.  When he hands one to me, I am a little bewildered, but open it just enough to see in old style calligraphy writing “The Last Will and Testament” these words are in red ink and the rest of the document is in black.  I do not read any more and fold up as I am surrounded by several other people.  I call the priests name, and as I do, he says, “do not read it yet” and I say “I didn’t, I know, the time is not right”.

Example: Me and on old friend of mine were standing in front of one in particular.  An old store that looked somewhat run down and withered.  It had a large display window in front showing strange random items used for rituals like scrolls and manuscripts.  We stepped inside and walked slowly toward the counter.  Inside of the shop were old book cases filled with books of all kinds and colors.  All of them from the look were hardback books.  On a table to the right of the counter were stacks of old papers and research tools like magnifying glasses.  We spoke to the clerk but I can’t remember what was said nor what the clerk looked like.  Only that he was old and wore dark clothing and we left.  When we got back outside I looked into the sky.  A large white shooting star shot across the sky and I felt a smile on my face.

But what did come alive and impress you was something alive and active in the universe you were created by. I think it points to a message of great importance for you.

 Example: The evening before she had the dream her boy friend had rung her up. C. was struggling to end the relationship. She said to him – Look, as far as I am concerned you are dead! That night she dreamt – She saw a scroll pinned up on the wall. The writing said ‘Adrian – her boyfriend – is dead.’ She felt shocked and could not believe it. She went off to look for him and found in a white plastic body bag. She could see his outline. He was gasping for breath, suffocating. She felt sad.

Example: Soon after the dream shifted to a computer screen and I was checking my emails. I was scrolling down the in box and then clicked on a message thinking ‘why didn’t I check this before?’ the message appeared with a picture of a huge bird and it looked like a Eagle (but the colour was white with a bluish/black outline) with its wings fully spread and moving as if the Eagle was flying; and there was a message underneath in tiny English letters which I read something similar to ‘ your life is going to transform’- I can’t remember the exact words but it was something similar to this and then I woke up.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the dream indicate any important ideas or realizations?

Where any new things shown to you?

What was the message of the dream?

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