Most of us have been raised to see the seasons as an external event. Even the Christians who continue the ancient rituals have the same feeling. Yet we know very well, if only unconsciously, that we are a product of nature, the Earth and its seasons. We are all influenced by the cycles of growth and death, and yet we usually fail to sense the seasons as an almighty influence within us.

Also, we are unconscious of being a part of nature in the sense of knowing as our own experience the enormous influence the seasons have on our inner life, and the power we could get from acknowledging them.

All of these inner influences are depicted graphically in the Christian Festivals. Usually we see them as about historical dramas regarding Jesus, but thy are in fact an amazing dramatic presentation of the influence of the Earth upon us all. They represent the times or periods of one’s life.

The seasons of each year have a marked inner effect upon us, and they also repeat to us over and over the periods and phases of our life. In spring, every growing thing forms new and energetic growth – as in our own childhood, unless it is blighted in some way.

The summer period of human growth is typified as the fertile and flowering period, which carries on to the forming of seeds and offspring. In a sense, we become a garden in which plants flower and form seeds.

Autumn is a period of almost quiet rest after the amazing power of Spring and Summer. It is a time of harvest and also a turning point, as many plants trees get ready for winter, and so a great change occurs.

Winter, a seeming death of so much, but under the surface enormous preparation is happening. The old life, the past has been taken in as leaves and foliage, and has become fertiliser for the new year’s growth, the new life following from the past – the many pasts, for seeds or the survivors of the winter have in fact carried the experience from the beginning of life. And that experience is held in readiness for another season and its experiences.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What season appeared in your dream, and what feelings were involved?

Was it a difficult, cold, stormy, or happy season?

Was there a lesson to learn about your life from the season dreamt of?

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