Developments, ideas or concepts that have formed in the unconscious, and have come to mind ready made. An intuitive answer to a problem. Inner tangle of feelings. It can also suggest being able to move with the tide of events and feelings, or being entangled in something arising from within. Can also be food. A tremendous fertiliser for growing things

Something unseen and hidden touching your foot – so a shock or fear.

Example: While looking at the seaweed on the beach this morning, I remembered a dream. All the seaweed I had put on the compost had rotted and had been put in the ground. Now there was a marvellous crop of tomatoes. The plants were really weighed down with fruit, that was nearly ripe enough to pick. I told a man who was with me he could start picking as soon as the tomatoes were ripe.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What way where you relating to the seaweed in the dream?

Were you observing its movement, gathering it or entangled in it?

Were you swimming in it?

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