In dreams seeds often represent your sperm or ovum; one’s children or feelings about one’s children; hopes for children; the collected influence and experience of the past; a new idea arising out of past experience; a suggestion; a possibility or potential; something that can emerge in your life. 

A single cell, which is a seed from which all life forms evolved from, doesn’t become old or die because it is immortal, for it keeps dividing and doesn’t die. In dividing it constantly creates copies of itself, but as it does  so it gathers new experience, it changes what is copied, so becomes the ‘seed’ for multi-cellular organism. We all started from the original one cell, and we, you and I,  are the result of gathered experience.


No plant or creature grows from a dead seed, and each living seed carries within it all the past gathered from all its forebears. So, the seed in your mother’s womb is as old as and even older than human kind, and you carry that wisdom or memories in you. But in this life you developed a new brain, and the memories, education and programming you gathered this time are what you built your personality from, but beneath that is a very ancient self.

Finding this very ancient self, hidden as it is by all your personal thinking and opinions, you find you are free from all the painful emotions, suicidal urges and personal hurts. To explore it see Opening to Life


From Krysia garden

As adults we believe we are complete and whole. But what I sense is that we are only a phase, and out of us can emerge another being, carrying forward into a different sort of existence, all that can arise  from you. A seed is a return to the source of life and it/our beginnings under the sun. Consciousness on our planet started in the slime of creation, the slime we return to, to procreate. And from that slime which is a vehicle for our seed to exist in, our awareness goes through the whole process of evolution as we develop in mother;s womb, the dividing of cells, the forming of structure and organs, the creation of a creature with gills, and on to a human type form ready to breathe air, carrying your seed onwards.

As an egg and sperm we are tiny single celled creatures. The next two stages of development as the cells increase in size and number resembles the activities found in many simple living things such as plants. The twenty day old embryo develops four brachial grooves, which in the embryo of a fish grow into gills. At this point the formative forces which produce a fish are active, as were the formative forces of a plant at an earlier stage. These are then supplanted by forces which bring about features of the potential mammalian upright animal we could be. See Programmed 

Imagine if a sperm or ovum thought it was a finished form. Of course it would in one sense be correct. It might be a healthy and well formed sperm or ovum. As such it is complete, whole. But put together the sperm and ovum, and suddenly they die to what they were. Their previous form perishes. Out of all they were emerges another form entirely, the foetus. Now supposing the foetus believes it is a complete and finished form. The same applies. It is only a stage, and perishes to emerge as something quite different, a separated, breathing and eating being. That is ourselves.

As one textbook states, “A human is not constructed like a modern office building, as cheaply and efficiently as possible. . . but rather like an ancient historic edifice to which wings and sections were added at different times and which was not modernised until it was almost completed.” See Levels of the Brain

Example: A seed is a potential. In the case of the seed, the potential holds certain inherited factors. As I have said, it is the reappearance of a previous seed, with padded experience. The potential alone however, cannot express, it needs a limiting (not too limiting, in fact, but nurturing) condition to direct its potential. Also, and unless it brings something different into the nurturing, limiting condition, it becomes one with that condition. I think it is obvious what this means in human terms. When the seed is planted, it brings with it first of all the huge dark potential, and also inherited factors. The inherited factors consist of the physical body of the seed, which is what the dark potential has realised of itself in its contact with matter, and the possibility of change built upon what has already been realised.


“There’s no way of knowing. Perhaps an ancient oak tree – Yet barely to my waist. Shaped and stunted by harsh onshore winds, by the salt and the rock. It is clinging and growing to the very shape of the wind, and stunted,as you or I might be, by circumstances of our birth, or events – by the enormous onshore winds that shaped this oak tree. Yet it is still a magnificent oak tree. Just as you or I, at our core, are magnificent human beings.”

As the plant grows from the seed, it emerges out of what already exists. It cannot, as human consciousness tries to do, emerge out of what does not exist in itself or in its surroundings. The differentiated elements of itself are fused into a new entity by the power of growth. This power of growth, or as we have called it, potential, must exist, as the plant proves its presence. As has already been said, it matters little whether this is a cosmic or chemical principle. It is present.

Example: For some time, I was still, as in the womb. I was a sphere around the spark of life, my sexual feeling. All my experience at this time seemed to be internal. It was as if I had passed through all my pains, right back to the very spark or germ of my being. This I offered to the unseen, to the Invisible Life within me, from whence the spark had arisen. I acknowledged its source. From there on I was a seed, a small grain of wheat, and my penis was a germ. As I relinquished myself to the Invisible Intangible Life, the germ began to spread its roots through the rest of my being, which was like a food store. As the wheat germ now grew with life in it, my arms and legs became roots spreading out over the Earth. My body uncurled and I jerked slowly open into the spread-eagle position, my penis being the growing stem.

Example: I began to feel afraid, for having fallen deep into myself, I felt that if I dropped any further back I would cease to exist. Then I knew the fear was unnecessary as every time we go to sleep we drop back into the condition where we lose any sense of personal existence, yet we emerge none the worse the next day. So, I let myself drop.

Suddenly I was aware that something held me. It was the process that had grown me from seed in the first place. My ego had not created me or grown me. But now this deep part of me was unfolding me again, like a plant opening. I understood that we each have this force at our centre, and as I watched it working in my body and life, it seemed to communicate with me. This felt like a holy gift, that the mystery of life would live in me.

See Seed Meditation 

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