Essence of masculinity; the sense of one’s personal identity, but also the potential one has as an individual. Thus the withholding of sperm in the dream might be the non-giving of self, warmth, emotion, bonding.

During ‘wet dreams’, often experienced by adolescent males, there is involuntary emission of semen. But women and girls also produce an emission when aroused but without the vital seeds.

This indicates not only the power of co-operation in pregnancy, but also all the immense influence and background that lies behind a human birth. It can be the germ of an idea, or the wonderful potential behind life. It is sometimes used in dreams to suggest energy. It can also be an image of the duality of life and the need to combine in a symbiotic relationship to unfold innate qualities. Thousands of generations of experience lie latent in the sperm and ovum. It is also eternal in that although the body carrying it dies, the sperm, if it passes on in reproduction, carries on living. It therefore has an unbroken life back to the beginning of life on our planet – and maybe beyond.

It can therefore represent your whole long history, all your forebears in the male line, all your potential for the future. See Ancestors

But it can also figure in dreams connected with intuitions about pregnancy, desire to be pregnant, or fear of it.

In another sense the sperm is the carrier or messenger of love that ignites the process of life as it gives itself entirely to the ovum – like cupid’s arrow penetrating the heart. As such it is the waters of life flowing out from a man to those he loves. If it does not flow with love, it is in some way a gift of sickness.

Example: I laugh. By now we’ve agreed he and I are sleeping together alone, but just as plutonic friends. We cuddle and giggle like teens. I feel something wet on my nightgown and realize it is semen emission, either leakage or he had an orgasm. We both start giggling uncontrollably like teens in a library. It’s so ironic that we’ve agreed to be friends, and sleep together and then he has an emission.

Example: My lover had masturbated while sleeping in our bed and as I saw that he had done it quite openly, I felt hurt and frustrated. He was marvelling at all the semen that was all over his side of the bed. I felt that I didn’t mind if he didn’t want to have intercourse with me because it did make him feel very drained the next day, but if he were masturbating it was the same end result surely, so why not with me? Was there another reason that he wouldn’t tell me. I jumped out of bed and went into the kitchen, trying to be ill in the sink so he would come and comfort me, but I could see I was playing a game, so went back to bed and started to hit him on the chest with my closed fists, telling him how I felt.

Example: One female patient could never understand her curious urge to be filled with semen until through this fantasy she discovered that she was led not by sexual desire but by oral greed, and the liquid she required was not semen but milk.

See: Seed.

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