Sell Selling Sold

This sometimes links with a difficult parting or loss, as for instance selling a house. In this case it might point to change, or feelings about change. It can also reflect business or financial concerns, positive or negative. Selling or buying may also refer to your contact with the world in general, the hustle and bustle, the commerce of life, the commercial instincts, and the unsympathetic mob.

Some dreams about selling or buying are about your work, and can be intuitions about the market or opportunities. Selling and buying is, after all, about exchange, and that is a fundamental aspect of all life forms, so your inner self is very involved with the opportunities you might meet and how you deal with them.

In recent times, although the age old techniques are still used to induce or push people to become shopaholics, an enormous amount of research has been undertaken to define exactly how human beings, and of course animals, can be changed or manipulated. After all, such information is incredibly important to religious and political organisations, and to businesses who wish to induce people to buy or use their products. This has given rise to such varied approaches as physical and mental intimidation, brain surgery, brainwashing, electric shock therapy, drug use, subtle advertising and propaganda, the use of suggested fear in order to sell or induce.

Being sold to: Deciding what you want and what you will ‘pay’ for it in your life. If you make a living from buying and selling, then the dream would perhaps relate to your work and opportunity.

Buying: This often indicates some level of choices being made, decisions faced, and there may also be elements of how much or little you are being influenced by internal desires or external sales pressure. One dreamer says when she feels so good at work she immediately goes out to buy a new house. This suggests confidence and social power are involved in purchases. But sometimes we make purchases when things go wrong, as a means of counteracting the down feelings. In some dreams the question of your financial status arises, so purchasing may be dealing with how you are feeling about your money situation.

Buying a bargain: Feelings of capability.

Purchased from: Success or failure to succeed, depending on whether the sale is mad. May also indicate change, as when one sells a car or house. See: sell; shopping.

You the seller: If you dream you are the seller, you need to consider what it is you are offering, and what does its value is to you. Are there issues of buying and selling, or how to make a living in life, or desires for profit in some area of your life.

Selling yourself: It can show in the way you use someone else’s need for or dependence on you – whether you are male or female – to manipulate, extract money from, or abuse them. It is actively involved when you sell yourself out.

Selling yourself out also means going along with the materialistic view so predominant in our times. Life only leads to death, so what the hell does it matter what I do, who I hurt or maim, so long as my own interests are served – type of attitude. What will it cost me to stand up for what I believe in or love?

 Useful questions and hints:

Are you buying or selling?

If selling what is it you hope to get a reward from and what associations do you have with it?

If buying what is it you want, and what does that suggest about you?

What are you doing at the auction?

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