This often represents your feelings about your journey through life and what you meet. It can also show what is happening in a relation-ship. In some dreams it may show hopes of change, new things. See: Boat.

Shipwreck is personal breakdown, being unable to cope with life.


-mattie 2015-06-10 15:01:56

I dremt I was on a big ship with two children, they kept running off and I was worried they would go over board, but I stopped to talk to what I think was the captain and looked out into the night and said to him ,this must be what it was like for ppl on the TItanic to feel helpless of the ship sinking .The man NEVER spoke a word,just listened. then I woke up????

-Saira Variel Ramjit 2012-09-26 21:59:59

I had two dreams involving Titanic, one of them, I was making a phone call about the ship being in danger and begging the woman on the other line to take my warning seriously and the second one, there was a strong emphasis on the fictional love relationship between the characters, Rose and Jack. I remembered quite clearly, saying in my dream ” They may not have ended up together but they were meant to meet each other.”
I had these dreams right after I hastily deleted a classmate of mine’s number, Matt. WhenI had realized that I did not want any type of connection with him based on only on the facts of my past experiences but because he is positively, romantically involved. Although, that was not something I was looking for, he was socially unavailable too.
I am not sexually attracted to Matt but I am attracted to his strong personality, I did feel the first time I encountered him without looking at his face. Being the rigid woman that I am, no harm will be done on either side.But yes, I am still troubled for some odd reason.

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