Shirt Blouse

Feelings and emotions to do with your public image. See: Clothes.

There are many different types of blouse or shirt. Some are connected with work, with leisure, with being attractive, or with practical use, such as a T-shirt or work shirt. So it is helpful to define what you feel the shirt or blouse links with, then consider what it says about that facet of your life. Also it might be the shirt or blouse in the dream is inappropriate for the situation or setting. In which case see Inappropriate clothes.

If you dream of a discarded shirt or blouse see Discarded clothes.

Idioms: Stuffed shirt; shirt sleeves – informal; get your shirt in a knot; give you the shirt off his back; lose your shirt; stuffed shirt.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Why is the shirt or blouse a special feature in my dream, and what does this tell me?

What does the shirt or blouse add to or take away from what I feel in the dream?

Does the style or age of the shirt or blouse tell me something about its meaning?

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-Carole Ramsey 2016-03-20 21:59:51

What does it mean to see someone else wearing your shirt. My reaction in the dream was surprise.

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