A way of changing or shifting ones feelings; cleansing irritations or emotions that cloud ones inner life. See: bath.


-MoWaAb 2016-11-24 18:58:14

I usually don’t remember my dreams, but this past weekend I had a reoccuring dream. First time I was in the shower about to shave my armpits when I grabbed for a black disposable men’s razor. I immediately put it down as I realized it wasn’t mine (i am female and single). The second time I was in the shower about to shave my armpits noticed the sharp blades on my skin and looked at the razor realizing I had picked up the same black razor. Did not cut myself. Just wanted to shave them armpits. Any ideas?

-Amy 2010-07-28 18:34:21

Can you help interpret this?
I keep having a dream of needing to take a shower, but have forgotten to bring shampoo, soap, razor, etc. I spend alot of time trying to find someone else’s to borrow, but either there is none left in the bottle or it is in another room and I can’t leave the bathroom or I will lose my turn to take a shower. Often, people disturb me in the shower: either the curtain is not sufficient to cover or people randomly come into the bathroom while I am in the shower. Hmmmm….

    -Tony Crisp 2010-08-19 20:52:54

    I see I have two of your dreams here Amy. The second dream you sent are in fact lots of dreams so difficult to comment on. There seems to be a theme of being left or alone.

    I cannot help but smile about your shower dream. Probably because i can see what a muddle we can get in with our beliefs and feelings. If we could see that feelings are not concrete and can change, that we can become victims of events, then we cold be a lot freer. Look up and read about being victims.

    The theme of your dream is an effort to clean yourself, and yet you can’t. So what is behind the images you create? Is it about feeling you are not presentable or you are not sure of how others see you? Something is wooring you about it. Thinks about it.


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