Sense of harmony with others or self. An expression of some inner harmony.


-Ali Reilly 2015-11-10 11:30:05

A big warm hello to you Tony from sunny Qld Austalia:)
Firstly, thank you so much for answering my dream last month on “dance”.
I would love to know your interpretation on a recent dream i had please.
This dream had so much feeling and emotion attached to it i almost felt that i was living it. I was in a semi dark venue with beautiful small stars twinkling above me. I was singing the song “The Look Of Love” (by Dusty Springfield) and just had the most beautiful voice as i sang, all the meanwhile i knew that a man was listening and watching me from the far balcony. I couldn’t see him, but the more i sang the more i felt his presence. I actually questioned myself in the dream as i was singing the song word for word if i was dreaming and kept thinking how beautiful my voice was! The stars, the man observing and the feeling of singing the song have stuck with me all day.

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