Sink Sinking

The feeling of losing your control of circumstances or a relationship. Loss of confidence or feeling overwhelmed by emotions.

Sinking can also mean the sense of not developing or of succeeding at anything.

Sinking into darkness or water also has a similar sense – being overwhelmed by despair. But they are simply emotions and can only claim you if you believe they are true – but you are the surviving member of ancient line of people who survived hunger, death, defeat, loneliness and all the troubles that humans are heir to – yet you survived , so live with hope. See Emotions and Mood and Emotions and Mood in Dreams


-Jonas Aftén 2017-05-28 20:31:47

I have been studying my dreams for a while now. I had a strange one last night. A female face showed up was next to me. she was beutiful but had a strange make up. it was light to dark blue and had small white or yellow dots all over her face but I could still tell she was beutiful. My thought in the dream was ” galaxy”. she talked to me in a calm and soothing voice. I have no idea what she said but I felt very calm and relaxed when she spoke to me. I was not afraid during the whole time. who or what could this be and what do you think it could mean?

Best regards
Jonas Aftén

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