There are many possible associations with this. One is that you are entering a new and possibly dangerous situation or environment, and you need to protect yourself by being aware of what you face. So the suit depicts the attitudes or awareness you deal with the new environment. The new experiences you are moving to might be highly exciting, and maybe to do with ‘inner space’ – the exploration of the huge space within you.

The suit might also in some cases represent great limitations, being encased in attitudes, fears, protective defence mechanisms, that you are enormously restricted.

But the suit links with space and new dimensions of experience, and this suggests either enormous freedom, the release from limiting ideas, ‘gravity’, restrictive situations, or being disconnected from everyday life – spaced out.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Where am I going or what doing in connection with this space suit?

If I am seeing this separate from myself what do I feel or think, and does that connect with anything I think of feel while awake?

Is there any threat or difficulty in the dream, and if so of what nature, and what offers similar threats in waking life?

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