The situation in which the stockings are worn or seen gives the indication to their meaning – also what your feelings and associations are with stockings.  Do they appear in connection with sexual feelings, with desire to look attractive, with a need to have the right clothes for a situation? How does that apply to you at the moment? Most dreams seem to be about attractiveness though.

Stockings also protect or change the appearance of your legs, so might point to something that is supporting your confidence or helping you to feel more presentable.

Stockings can be used for many other things – a mask, a club when filled with sand, a belt, and so on. There might be a hint here that your femininity or feminine attraction is being used in some way.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is being done, felt or expressed in connection with the stockings?

What colour are they, and what does that suggest to me?

How do I respond to seeing or wearing them?

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