Stab Stabbed Stabbing

Either refers to aggressive activities, hurtful words, feeling hurt, or aggressive sexuality.

If we are stabbing someone, especially if it is a parent or someone we have linked with emotionally or sexually, there may sometimes exist behind the action the need to sever or kill any dependence upon or bonding with, that person. Any anger being felt in this case is about the depth of our need or dependence, and the pain at having to sever the connection. Such severance and angry killing of our feelings for someone else, usually gives rise to guilt. See: weapons.


-Stormhealer 2016-10-10 19:23:26

What do you make of being stabbed in the lower chest, upper abdomen by a Thorned light fading to mid color blue rose? After being stabbed it was left in but created a bleeding hole later, when I we trying to find a hospital.. all emotions were there but dull as if I was in shock.. so I was pretty calm considering..

    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-11 9:35:34

    Stormhealer – Any attack or stabbing in the chest area indicates an emotional hurt which is leaking your life or emotional energy.

    Whatever caused the hurt has left a mark on you, shown by the hole. A blue rose can represent a mystery, obviously a hurtful mystery, given almost as a loving act. Such hurts can occur at any period of our life from babyhood onwards. You can explore its meaning by using


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