Male aspect of the personality.

Masculinity; male sexual drive; in a female dream it might depict her response to male sexuality; the joy of life; courage; the life energy; virility; healing energy.

EXAMPLE: The three of us were on our way to a lively night out and I suggested a short cut through Richmond Park. Suddenly this old man stepped out and advised us not to do so as stags were rutting. I thanked him and replied they would be too busy to care about us. As we walked through, trying to ignore the fact the stags seemed to be stuck together, we felt relieved. Suddenly an enormously big stag with tremendous horns and a leering and vicious expression came swaying toward us after breaking free of a female deer. Jasmine C.

EXAMPLE: The following comes from the notes of a man exploring a dream about a bull: As the bull, when I put my nose into the grass the earth tells me what has lived and died in this field. I hear the earth tell me things. I hear this voice in me calling out ‘ME! ME! ME!’ There is that one voice calling out from deep in me saying everything. It is the bull calling a mate. It is the stag saying – I AM – I will fight – I will kill – I will care – I live – I die – I lust – I want. It is saying I am alive. I’ve got something – LOOK . I have this precious gift of the seeds of life. I am Life. I am the baby crying for the mother. I am the death cry. It is sex which turns this energy on. It is the female which calls it. When I see the cow wonderful things happen. In the erection the blood pressure alters, the guts change. But I believe that can be redirected. It can create a new life at another level. It can leave its old path of reproduction of the body, and create a new life in the eternal – waking up in eternity. The bull or stag must come of its own accord – but the direction must be indicated for it.

Useful questions are:

Is my dream in any way referring to sex, and if so what is it commenting about my own sexual feelings and activities?

Am I in any way feeling that joy and lust for life the proud stage displays?

Is my dream stag healthy or injured, and how does that relate to my life energy?

What is my dream stag displaying in its actions?

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