This often has something to do with a level of formality or to express something through the colour or style of the suit. So it is important to define whether it is a business suit, a stage outfit, a wedding outfit, a wet suit, or a jump suit, and what colour it is. For instance there can be bunny suits, bathing suit, pyjama suit, an expensive or ragged suit. Each of which more or less tell their own story, the general meaning of which applies to how you are presenting yourself, seeing yourself, or your opinion of someone else. In other words the suit depicts your feelings of confidence or  lack of it, and what stance you are taking in life at the time. Therefore the different suits can refer to the different roles one takes in life, and maybe also the different skills or attitudes they require or express through. See: Clothes.

Many dreams emphasise the colour of the suit, and this is important, so consider what you feel about the colour, or look it up under colours. Also the suit or suited person can depict authority, such as a doctor or lawyer, orderliness or a businesslike way of living or doing things. It can also suggest conformity.

A waterproof suit is showing how you are seeking or need protection against the attitudes or feelings you are confronting. Is there stormy weather about in a relationship or work?

In terms of wordplay it can be a way of saying a situation or relationship does, or does not, suit you.

Army, Air Force, Navy suit: This may connect with memories you have, either of being  in one of these services, or of someone you know in the uniform. If not, then it suggests the qualities or stereotype ideas and feelings connected with them.

Bathing suit: See: swimsuit below.

Business suit: Attitudes to do with work or being practical and outgoing and often in a woman’s dream feelings of being sophisticated. Sometimes this suggests authority or power, go-getting and taskmaster. A dreamer exploring the figure of a business suited woman, said of her, “ She’s super-aggressive, independent, self-confident, and has lots of status and power. I could use some of that but don’t have much.”

So the business suit often refers to feelings of success, or doing well in life.

Example: I interviewed for a job as a secretary for this college professor who has a terrible reputation as a womanizer who “feeds” on the young college girls. I am a sophisticated, together woman in white high heels and a business suit. I am also beautiful and tailored. BS

Jump suit: Easy and ready for anything attitude.

Nurse: Feelings about a helping, healing or supportive role.

Police: Attitudes to do with living by the rules and being an authority figure.

swimsuit or bikini: Depending on the feelings in the dream it could mean you feel revealed to others in a way that might not be what you would want to appear, or that you are relaxed and open about who you are and feel you are an attractive person. Sometimes this links with how attractive or otherwise you are with a partner.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the suit, and what role or attitudes does it suggest?

What am I doing in the dream in relationship with the suit, what feelings arise in the dream,

And what does this point to in my life?

Am I easy or not in regard to the suit – either way why do I feel like that?

See Techniques for Exploring your Dreams – Secrets of Power Dreaming


-Debra Schultz 2018-04-14 16:04:18

I had a dream with men in suits, but one stood out a man was wearing it and stood up from behind a desk it was like a royal blue with thin red pinstripes and something about seemed wrong like the tie or shirt didn’t go with the suit. Then, in the same and dream there was one black shoe laying on a sofa.
A man back was to me walking away as I looked at the shoe. I woke up. The whole dream there were men in suits no faces I knew.

-Paula Taylor 2016-03-12 23:08:58

I had a dream that took place underground in a subway station. One thing that stood out was an old black man wearing a brown plaid vintage button-down suit looking sharp. But when he stepped onto the platform, a big Flood overcame him and he got swept away. In a book it says swept away means coming difficulties. Not sure what this means. Can you clarify?? Thank you.

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