The pleasure or displeasure of shopping or looking for goods. It also involves in choosing or choices. So as with shopping it indicates what you desire; something you are looking for or want – love, fame, sex; the many possibilities open to you, or the good things in your life or in yourself. Or it could be a place of work or business so whatever you feel about your work or work place. See Move Toward Pleasure and Easy Dream Interpretation

It could also be the place that provides food for the mind, for the heart, for the spirit.

Running a supermarket: Could suggest that you have the ability to act as a carer and supporter for peoples basic needs. It also involves providing for people’s needs.

Example: I am sitting at a table with a man and a woman who have just got a letter from someone asking for a Hiawatha doll. I ask if they want it in the beatific pose or one of suffering. They laugh. I tell them that they can probably find it in Walmart. The woman groans. ‘You don’t like Walmart?” I say. “Well, they have the best selection, but there are other stores too.” I feel like a veteran of this sort of thing – people writing to me from abroad, wanting me to buy them something and sending it to them.

Idioms: Shop around; set up shop; shut up shop; talk shop; closed shop.


-Gabriel 2017-02-13 9:49:52

Dear Mr. Crisp,
I had a dream with a supermarket in which I was buying different thing that symbolize all that I received in my therapeutic process.
So, I wonder if the supermarket couldn’t be also a symbol connected with food and its representations. In a way, for those who are living in the city, the supermarket is the place that provide them food, the place that feed them. So, couldn’t be the place that provide also food for the mind, for the heart, for the spirit?
Thank you!

    -Tony Crisp 2017-02-13 10:32:25

    Hi – I am stopping from answering your posts fully – but will try to give hints; sometimes long ones because I quote from masses I have already put online. Also I need to take time to update the site – dreamhawk.

    It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practicing what is described in – or


    Gabriel – There is food for the mind; food for thought; food for the body; and spiritual nourishment. We can digest information or experience, the latter being food for our growth as an individual. Food can represent any of these. Something we might take or are taking into ourselves – such as experience of a relationship – qualities of another person – sexual pleasure – social pleasure, or warning about health in regard to what is eaten.

    I don’t think your dream is about physical medicines or food. Yes, food for your inner self, your spirit. See

    Our inner life gathers incredible amounts to ‘feed’ upon. A major source of nutrition is our life experience, what we see, hear, feel and generally experience. The process of Life itself is hungry – obviously for physical food – Life eats, it eats because of its hunger, it eats of itself. It tears, it licks, it sucks the breast, it delicately sips nectar, it sifts food from the ocean, but it is always hungry for experience and learning. It can be through feeling like an angel or a prostitute – Life does not judge.

    A person describes their experience of this hunger.

    I had been exploring my inner world and here I took time to eat. I had prepared some oats before starting. When I ate them I experienced the most wonderful awareness of hunger and absorbing, not just the oats, nuts and seeds, but also the environment, and all that I had learned and taken in from the woman I loved. I mean by this the total environment, earth, air, water, culture, history, people. I felt like a hungry animal, cramming food in my mouth, loving it, and knowing I was feeding Life as well as myself.

    I felt that if we have the courage, we are a firmament of experience. By exposing ourselves to experience, and allowing ourselves to really feel the pleasure, the torment, the passion of what we meet, we are feeding Life. But we are more than a mouth, we are also a way of gaining insight, of integrating experience, and that is the real food of Life.

      -Gabriel 2017-02-19 17:06:11

      Dear Mr. Crisp,
      Thank you for your hints. I used and I’m still using a lot your website to try to find out what message my dreams bring to me. In fact, when I’m starting to interpret a dream I first open dreamhawk. Thank you very much for all the things that you were so kind to share with us.
      In my comment, I wanted to highlight another possible meaning for the supermarket. In my dream, the supermarket that I visited was supposed to be mine or to be managed by me in the near future. I bought a pillow, a bottle of liqueur and four biscuits. The fact that I was going to manage the supermarket I think it relates to my studies in psychology and the way I’m preparing to be a therapist. The pillow is connected with the comfort and the support that I received in therapy. The liqueur may symbolize the ability to the change my mind and my heart. The biscuits are the food for the mind, for thought and spiritual nourishment. It is interesting that the cashier eat one of the biscuits and I received only three. I was not upset. When I interpreted the dream, it reminded me of the four functions of the conscience mentioned by Jung and the fact that the inferior function never can be brought into the light, at the conscience level.
      All the best, Gabriel

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