This suggests feelings either of looking for something, working at something or showing an aspect of yourself as in the example.

A showroom might also show how you show yourself to other people, what impression you are giving or want to give.

Example: I work in a store/sales showroom with Harry Anderson – it’s a big place, I guess it’s full of furniture, big things, high ceilings. It’s early, just about time for customers, and I need to change clothes just as people are starting to come in. I take off what I’ve got on and people look at me funny – including Harry, and I’m rather concerned about that. Harry and I are good friends, maybe even lovers or close to it. I really care what he thinks, and he really cares about me. There may be something wrong here. Maybe they’re uncomfortable with me being nude, but it’s really not so unusual. I’m somewhat self-conscious, but I won’t be out here long – I’m gonna go back in the office/private area and get some clean clothes. I get a T-shirt, but it’s got something on it so I pull it off and get another one. I need to go back out for something and wonder if I should go now with just the T-shirt on, or put some pants on first. I’m thinking the customers might be uncomfortable if I didn’t. Alta

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