Grace; beauty; dignity. In mythology often represents the psyche or soul and its connection with a spiritual world; the side of human nature usually hidden because unconscious, often referred to as the spiritual – meaning the consciousness of connection with all life.

In folklore and mythology people turn into a swan, or God takes the form of a swan. The swan represents the soul, or sometimes the spirit. It may represent the parts of your inner life that are not understood, or are hurt by your environment or others; the loving parts of the self that are killed or unloved, and turn into a swan leaving us with a sense of terrible loss.

The swan has a long neck so they can put it under water and feed. In other words they are used to operating in the usually unconscious inner world. Seeing into the inner world is becoming more intuitive and able to discover a huge world within you.  See Inner World

The swan in your dream may be linked with an ending of something due to the association with ‘the swan song’ – a final act. It can also suggest amorousness, or the ideal of love in sexuality, and as such may represent virginity or a blend of male and female.

Example: “I was in an all-green world—the sky, the water, and the pool, from whose depths grew tall weeds. Suddenly, the pool was a raging ocean, and I watched with horror as an ugly, green monster rose from the murky depths and devoured a lovely white swan.”

The change from the pool to the angry waters of the ocean with the monster symbolized her growing agitated subconscious state. The weeds in the pool also emphasized the dangers, because weeds growing up from the bottom may trap a person. he green monster represented jealousy and envy of those who had greater material abundance.

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