Childhood pleasures, rewards or punishments. So sweets may relate to something you want desperately or hunger for in a childlike way. They often hold a lot of memories of the past.

There might also be negative associations with sweets. See: Sugar


-Laura Lynne Watson 2017-07-28 18:22:06

I had a dream last night that I was with two boys. I had turned into a little girl, & we were all probably 7 years old or so. The one boy I was with was suppose to be my boyfriend or something & the other boy liked me a lot. The one that liked me had saved my life & my boyfriend took out a plum purple jawbreaker from my mouth(I kind of hopped out of my body in the dream & watched this happen in 3rd person view) & put it in the boy who saved me mouth. The boy who saved me already had a burgundy jawbreaker in his mouth & the 2 were dressed in the same black clothes while I was wearing all white. My boyfriend had done this in a teasing manner tho & said now you can taste her mouth. Not too sure what this means.

-janet mark 2011-10-13 18:41:48

well i saw in my that my late mother-in-law and i giving white sweet to other.when ever my mother-in-law come in my dreams she always give somethings to me.please kindly tell me wad this dream means

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