Many meanings. May be your discrimination and search for truth; protective instincts or strength of character, with which you can also help and protect others. Also, like any weapon, may depict aggressiveness, or male sexuality.

Because it often has a cross as a handle, has mixed meanings. Erection; conflict or a fight; doing battle with someone; anger; social power; justice; spiritual strength and victory. See: cross under shapes and symbols.

Heirloom: A heritage of attitudes from ones family; will power or discrimination; strength to defend oneself and ones rights. Consider background of dream for meaning.

Sword coming point first out of mouth: Angry words; argument or vicious verbal attack.

Sword hanging by a thread: threats hanging over one.

When sheathed: Power or anger under control, perhaps even forgiveness; strength held in reserve; the soul or self in the body.

Idioms: Cross swords with someone; double edged sword; sword of Damocles. 


-shonaig 2015-10-17 16:00:22

Last night I dreamed a version of a dream I had before.I was living in family house though it was not like my original family home,and my father had 2 corpses in the attic.He had killed 2 people years before and these corpses had been in the attic ever since.In the attic i had glimpses of instructions as to how he dissected them and I saw one of the coffins .I told my sister and when I was not in the attic I fell into a forgetfulness or denial of the horror we were living with.

-shonaig 2012-04-05 12:28:36

Hello Tony,

Do hope you are well.
I wanted to ask you about this dream as I am not having a lot of insight into it.

I am walking in fairly busy town -like outdoors setting I realise I must have a sword for I slit the top of a dress of a sleeping woman who is leaning on a building .As I realise what I have done I notice that underneath her dress top she has a lovely lace petticoat but I also think she needs to get in shape.She does not wake up. I walk on and I do it again to another sleeping woman tho not so clear this time and then I have a major realisation about what I have done randomly.I am horrified and walk on wondering how to make up for my thoughtless actions .
Walking on I come to a turning to the left and I find myself in a small harbour type setting cobbles clear water and a window/hatch type thing to my left on the wall I hear someone banging in there a blacksmith I think I look out to the water and see a knight in full silver armour standing up to his thighs in the clear blue water and just then a woman from an Arthurian setting comes rushing past me and as she brushes against me I see a tip of a sword…my sword which I did not know I had.. barely touch her.She does not seem to notice and continues on and goes in and under the water, quite naturally I see her under there with her diaphanous veil and medieval clothes going about her business.
As a result of touching her there is a feeling sense comes over me that now I have to fight I hear a voice from the hatch say your sword is ready and I say I do not want to fight anyone..It is ready he says and I glimpse it but then I look up and hurtling towards me at great immense speed through the air is a huge sword heavy and just before it hits me I see the blade is a spiral I am blasted apart and have a major bodily judder and wake up having been destroyed by the flying sword.Even if I had taken the sword it would have been of no use against this major force.

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