Swing SeeSaw

Rocking is a way to calm oneself used by children and traumatised people. It probably has this same significance in dreams. May also have sexual significance.

Also the movement of the swing or seesaw expresses the shift or swing between opposites – opposites of emotion, of thought or viewpoint. This swing is particularly evident in childhood, during which a child does not control its reactions and so expresses its whole range of feelings. So the swing may be between murderous anger and loving action – depression and elation – heaven and hell.


-Nancy 2014-07-31 11:40:53

Hi Tony,

I had a dream about swimming. In the dream there was this social party/ event on this sort of island in the middle of the sea. I miss the boat to get me there so I decided to swim. I was trying to carry my handbag above the water as I swam. Eventually the weight of the handbag made me drop it into the water however it was still on my arm.When I finally made it to the party interestedly I was dry, my hair was perfect and dress was dry. I looked into my handbag to find that all the contents were wet, however my wallet was still in there. This gave me relieve. However my make up bag containing all my makeup was gone. I was a bit upset. Beside me was a little purse and I thought this was my makeup , held it up however it was the lady’s purse who was beside me. The next thing I remember in my dream is that I was then with this very wealthy man who was very much in love with me. We barely was together, I thought he had said three month and I thought it was 2 weeks. I actually had asked him in my dream how long we had been together and he said since June however in the dream I was in September already. He then proceed to set me up a bank account and gave me a credit card which he said was mine as I like to use it. I started to worry whether I wanted to be with this guy in addition worried that I would never be able to be with anyone else.

Would you be able to give any suggestions to this dream?

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