Toilet Bathroom

In the USA the toilet is often called the bathroom.

In general the toilet can link with problems or difficulties in you that need attention. This means it can also link with the ‘stink’ – the unacceptable parts of you, that you do not want others to know about or be exposed to. So any mess in the toilet can be saying that there are things about yourself that need attention and cleaning up.

The actual room: Privacy; your need for time where you are not always considering what others need or want of you, but can do what you want. The place you can let go of or get rid of things you wouldn’t usually expose publicly. This usually refers to things you feel or things you might be ashamed of, but can also be about sexual matters.

If it is a bathroom and toilet: Possibly includes the need for cleaning up ones sexual attitudes or general attitude to others and self.

Toilet bowl: The part of us which can deal with the body wastes, and the emotions you need to discharge; female sexual organ; ‘sexpot’.

Can’t find a toilet: This may be a way of waking you up, because if you dreamt of peeing you might wet the bed. So you keep looking until you wake up.

Filthy toilet: If the toilet is unusable because of its state, it can sometimes be a way that while asleep you desperately need to go to the toilet and yet do not want to wake up and actually go. This is a way we can manage to hold on, and is more likely a female dream – because while awake they will hold on rather than use a dirty toilet seat. The idea of going to the toilet is only unpleasant because in reality it is far nicer to stay in a comfortable warm bed. The dream maker creates the image of the dirty toilet as a reason to get up and actually go to the toilet rather than wet the bed..

Full toilet bowl: Suggests a pressing need to deal with old attitudes or emotions that you cannot easily allow release in your everyday relationships, or even alone. The reason being that you might feel others will be repulsed by or judgemental about that side of you. It is certainly about inner stuff that you are trying to pass out of your life but is hanging about.

Going to the toilet: Expressing yourself; releasing feelings, often creative; letting go of tightly held attitudes, the past, or sexuality; acceptance of ones own natural drives and needs.

What we put down the toilet: What we consider to be the least important or most unpleasant aspects of ourselves or our experience; what we want to get out of our life – my small son, who had depended for long years on a dummy, one day decided he no longer wanted to have that dependency, or be seen as needing it. He took the dummy out of his mouth, put it down the toilet and flushed it away.

 Example: ‘I am in a toilet and people can see me. Sometimes the walls fall down. Once I looked around and everyone was watching me.’ 

This relationship with the toilet usually shows that one needs more privacy and time to oneself.

 Example: ‘I go to the toilet and it is full up to the brim. It is disgusting, and I can’t go.

Alan shows great difficulty in meeting the very biological, blood and guts, and sexual side of himself. This may lead to living a very intellectual or sweetness and light sort of life. Occasionally suggests the body needs cleansing. Not being able to go the toilet: As with Alan above – a difficulty in expressing the more natural and down to earth aspects of self; holding back sexuality or emotions; being selfish and not sharing or ‘giving’ of oneself. Or it might be a reason to get up and actually go to the toilet rather than wet the bed.. 

 Example: ‘I was watching my teddy bear go to the toilet. It fell down and disappeared.’ Jackson S.

Jackson was very young and just learning to sit on the toilet by himself. His dream shows him meeting the fear of falling down it. He has seen things disappear for ever, and this disturbs him. He uses his bear as himself. This aspect of toilet can depict the magical, hidden, or unseen world into which we disappear in sleep – the unconscious.

See: Faeces, Cesspool, Urine.


-Vijayakumar 2015-10-15 4:50:07

I dream im in my factory toilet give to my co worker a bucket of water and pour into the bowl.

-jeda 2015-09-08 2:25:31

in my dream. i visited the ancestral house of my mother and there i saw 2 toilet bowl that was broken and that was the comfort room before and now was abandoned. what does it mean?

-Mega 2015-03-23 13:56:36

I had a dream that when I went to the toilet after my boyfriend (an ordinary bathroom) loose change had fallen out of his trousers and down the toilet so I was scooping it out. Then when I went to the toilet, more pennies would fall in and my handbag and just normal things you would have in your pockets. I tried to get a much out as I could as I was in a rush to get to a fair with my family. What does this mean?

-elvalor 2015-03-21 8:14:31

What if you dream of the soap falling down the toilet and ypu are desperately reaching down very very deep to take it out?

-Splushhh 2015-03-20 23:08:46

Night one: I dreamt that I was using the toilet and this girl that I dislikes kept casually looking at me
Night two: I dreamt that i was using the toilet, then my friend came in and sat next to me. Then two boys came in looking for something, then about 6 other boys came in too, all acting like it was normal for them to be there while I’m screaming at them to leave

(I’m both dreams I was getting very frustrated and agitated that they wouldn’t give me my privacy, and actually woke up feeling annoyed too)

    -Anna 2015-03-21 9:15:37

    Splushhh – Good for you 🙂
    Often we explore in our dreams a different approach than the one we normally use.
    And so I wonder if you have problems in your waking life to give enough room to the part of you which needs some quiet time.
    Some people simply need more time to digest experiences and perhaps you have not accepted that part of yourself yet?
    When you do accept it, and so when you accept that you will more often than your friends decide not to go out and instead decide to spend time with yourself, you will be able to express your needs without getting annoyed.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-tonyja 2015-02-13 10:02:23

i dream somewhere iam going toilet in dream only and then it is releasing in sleep with unawareness.iam 27 of age it is happening for a six months sometimes a year why is this and what is the solution it is either because of tiredness or cold please explain.what is the solution.

-tonyja 2015-02-13 9:56:06

i dream somewhere iam going toilet in dream only and then it is releasing in sleep with unawareness.

-suresh 2014-12-09 3:45:05

My wife dream of dirty toilets very often. She’s very worried about it.

-tinklebelle 2014-09-23 10:15:59

EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve ever had a dream that involved needing to urinate (takes forever to find a toilet & it is always in a public place with no walls – out in the open), I awake needing to pee badly. The dream is my body telling me, despite this wonderful rest I’m enjoying, “get up before you pee the bed!”

    -Bou 2015-01-27 19:33:57

    I have no idea what this means, but I have had variants of that dream for years and years. Just did again last night. Sometimes I wake up and have to pee, other times not. I started having the dream very young, when I could stay in bed for ten or twelve hours without needing to go, so I am a bit doubtful of its physical connection.

      -Tony Crisp 2015-01-28 7:17:24

      Bou – You didn’t say how old you are. As you age you cannot hold your water for so long and so you need to get up to pee more often.


-Emma 2014-05-23 9:30:04

I had a dream about my niece putting face cloths down the toilet and I was telling her they don’t go there and I was pulling them out and the toilet bowl kept filling up and over flowing all over the bathroom floor , and I was pulling socks and face cloths out of the toilet but it eventually unblocked and I was cleaning it up , then I turned to my niece and she had wet loo roll over her hands and I was telling her that went into the toilet and asking her to wash her hands, what does this mean? It was quite a distressing dream

-ilda diaz 2014-04-04 12:27:21

I dream now and then about public toilets in a large room placed side by side and people using them. I am always trying to find one to use in a more private area but there are none. What can this mean?

-Katherine 2014-02-04 15:01:11

Hi Tony, I am working on my issues with my parents lately. I hv a dream of baby girl that trying to kill herself while her mom in dream didn’t show up immediately for help. I dialogue with both the mom in dream and the baby girl in dream and it’s very emotional and lots of tears. Finally I made a compromise with baby girl while I tried to be more compassion with the mom. I wondered after the process: it’s so emotional n so much sadness n rage, did I do the right thing in the dialogue? Is that normal for tears n all those emotions coming out?


    -Tony Crisp 2014-02-10 8:36:12

    Katherine – We are all created by Life, and life is a very passionate thing. It is only us humans who so often kill out their enormous emotional range. Here is a man’ description of his experience as he explored his dream.

    “As this came out I started crying from a deep emotion. But right away the feeling was so deep only deep agonised groans of pain could come out. So much agony came out my body was paralysed into silent paralysis with it. I have had a lot of sessions where I have exploded with pain. But this was deep, silent, struggling with pain. My body flayed and contorting with it, my nose clogged with mucus. Gradually it broke up and I cried out with it, deep, sobbing, long held pain. The words came out of me, “I did it. I did it. Love. I killed it. So much pain. So much of it, because I killed love.”

    Your dream itself is full of the passions and pain that babies and children feel, and yet it is often smothered and so is never realised how much agony we all hold. Most people are actually dead inside, so your pain is partly that of coming alive again and feeling what it is like to actually live. It took me some years to empty out the pain and move onto the joy that is Life and living.

    Look around you and see the sort of desperation people live in – constant drinking, activity or feelings of depression or criminal rage. You are a sane one who is feeling alive.


-Christian 2014-01-14 15:39:08

Haveing dreams about me falling in the toilet and haveing to pull my self back out buts its hard to pull myself out

-susan 2013-11-17 7:42:45

hi my dream ive had it twice this week and its me needing the toilet and have trouble finding one and when I finally find one there is a see through sheet like the ones in a hospital that goes all the way round and when I go to use the toilet men show up trying to see me and I can go

-yvette 2013-08-31 14:41:12

i dreamed that I walked into the entry way door and my boyfriend was siting on the toilet with door opened and I looked and dropped my head and walked into our bedroom. What does this mean?

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