Torch Flashlight

Confidence in meeting the dark or unknown aspects of self. It also signifies finding your way when you cannot easily ‘see’ what direction to take or what lies ahead, so it may give you insights into how to proceed. See: Lantern; Light; Searchlight.

There are things existing in the dark cellar of our ‘unconscious’. When we turn our focussed self-awareness on them it is like walking down into that cellar with a torch.

A torch might also be a lighted burning torch, can be similar to above, but can be used to ‘put a torch to’ a house or faggots. See Burning Burnt

 Example: As I looked I saw eyes shining in the dark. It was very eerie. I asked my father to get a torch so I could look down the hole. He went but did not come back. I thought he was frightened.

In the world of dreams if you cannot see in the dark it is most likely because you feel some anxiety about not being able to see.

Example: ‘I am alone in the house. It begins to grow dark, so I switch the light on, but the light is very dim. So, I go to another room and try another light, but this light is even dimmer. I carry on like this all over the house until I am in virtual darkness and very frightened.’ J. W.

This applies to torches that do not work, for we are our own light if we do not fear what the dark hides.


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