Threatening influences pushing you toward things you might be afraid of. Pressure in some form. Tremendous mental or emotional energy release, feeling or fear as if it might overwhelm you. See: wind; Air.

A tornado in real life also causes sudden and often catastrophic changes, so can indicate a sense or intuition that you are moving toward life changing and perhaps sudden events that will bring great change, change that threatens you; not because it is dangerous, but because you are anxious about your own tremendous energy and emotions. See Tsunami – Storm – Energy Sex and Dreams

Powerful influences such as public opinion, changes in the environment, thoughts and conflicts, and occasionally perhaps emotions and urges, against which we feel powerless, and which may become obsessive. But also like air, the mental emotional atmosphere you live in. See Masters of Nightmares

Example: I live in a high-rise apartment overlooking the ocean. My whole apartment consists of one room which is a bedroom with windows surrounding the entire room. As I look out to the large surge of water coming, I can’t help but notice how beautiful the sun set is. The sky was covered in vivid pink, orange, and yellows. I see a dark gray cloud coming down the street that has the most amount of people on it.  As it comes closer, I can now see that it is a large tornado moving down the street sweeping up people as it goes. I leave the skyscraper and get back into Shannon’s car and we start driving away from the city. As we drive past the people, they are not panicking about what to do but they are still refusing to leave.

The dream suggests you are in a critical situation but if handle it wisely will be okay – and is about the whole ‘out of harmony with Life’ that many people in the world are in. Your dream clearly says there is a difficult time coming, but there is time to act wisely. That because you have an excellent view of what is happening with all round windows.


-Ryan 2017-08-22 20:35:53

I drempt I was going along the road with a guy usually get rides from since I do have a car and I saw a twister and I said turn around, then I saw a twister in that direction too so I got out and ran into a random persons house. After it cleared I went out and it was still windy ,I walked where the Tim Hortons coffee shop was and the sign was taken down ,lights out etc. Perhaps from the twister. After that I started running home then it started snowing but yet it was not cold to run in the snow.

-tigresstiff 2011-12-24 17:05:32

Hi Tony, last night I dreamt I was in a little Australian town with houses, and tornadoes kept coming tearing through the village. They were sudden and destructive, so it was organized that we (the inhabitants) go live temporarily in an emergency safe zone, in tents and such. Actually the safe zone appeared to be run by aliens, and we were captives. One of the aliens took a liking to me though and it wasn’t so bad. I ended up escaping or being released and returned to the village to try and save those who remained. There was a woman and her children we were trying to evacuate. I went in and packed a bag for the woman of some clothes and a family photo album. They got out ok. The next scene in my dream, is just me and my best friend and we’re walking. I lose my favorite green jade ring as it flies off my hand and is almost run over by a truck, but the driver stopped and handed it to me. With a little rub and shine it was fine. Lastly I was driving with my friend and she nearly ran into another truck, but we were fine and continued towards Adelaide.

I should mention that I live in LA, CA, USA and have never been to Oz. However, my best friend in waking life, who was also in the dream, is Australian.

Any insight would be welcome, Tony! Thanks! Happy holidays!

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