Underwear underclothes knickers panties

Intimate or shy feelings, sexual feelings,  sexual excitement or desire,  or conversely, repugnance, difficult feelings about sex or oneself. Feelings or personal things you keep hidden from others.

These can also be used to express feelings about being attractive, ‘feminine’, sexy or girlish. Underpants seldom appear in men’s dreams in a similar way – to look sexy or masculine.

Occasionally underwear appears in dreams about being examined medically, or about not hiding who you are. The medical examination is about exploring, worrying about, discovering usually hidden aspects or information about you.

If black: restraint or unconscious sex drives.

Dirty or grubby: Sexual attitudes we are not proud of; difficult feelings about biological side of self. For female underclothes see knickers.

Removing panties:  Usually a prelude to sex, or to attract a sexual partner, or as a sign of readiness for sex. Occasionally they are to show or examine an injury, or something regarding that part of the body and the associated feelings and functions.

Example: I felt a tremendous sexual need and  reached out to touch the woman. She didn’t mind and I put my hand under her  clothes to caress her breasts, which were delightfully full. Then I put my hands  down her knickers and at first touched her hair and thighs gently, then masturbated  her and she me.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I feeling in regard to the underwear, and in what way is that relevant to my waking life?

Is this reflecting repressed desires?

Am I accepting my sexuality and need for physical contact?

See Techniques for Exploring your Dreams – Secrets of Power Dreaming


-Amelie 2018-04-25 9:08:28

I dreamt that my mom was showing off and telling me that how comfortable and nice of the panties she’s wearing (its black) she is wearing lingerie which is half transparent so I can even see the pattern on the panties

-Cherish Yang 2018-02-27 4:35:37

So i had a dream this morning about clean underwears being hung on a clothespin. What could this mean? Anything special?

-Lar 2018-01-18 10:36:49

I dreamt my ex girlfriend was standing naked and had just taken off her panties and had them in her hand but she was not covering herself. I said what are you doing and was more in disbelief.

-Mandy 2017-12-31 10:03:27

I had a dream about my mother looking through her knickers draw. She was throwing them at me and saying it’s in there then she pulls out a blue box. Saying see.

So what can you tell me abit this

-Florentine 2017-06-11 3:02:07

I dreamt that my white underwears were thrown away by my friend’s boyfriend. it seems in the dream, my friend, she had these with her I’m not sure if given by me. But I felt shamed, because some of them were pure & crisp white. although some of them have blood in them & have been in the wash with other colors.

-Sasha 2017-02-10 18:41:01

I had a dream a few days ago that I was holding a drawer full of drawer on my lap. In front of me were two men I know. The one on my left reached out to the guy next to him to interlace his hand with this guy and put them both inside the drawer of underwear. Then underneath the drawer of underwear I saw a large piece of paper with “Will” written in big bold letters. This “Will” happens to be the brother of the guy on the right. Not sure if the paper meant “will and testament.” The guy on the right was NOT looking at the guy on the left either. He was looking away. I know sometimes things aren’t as all they seem. Do they have a gay relationship?

-Refiloe mokoena 2016-11-22 4:29:26

Hey had a dream last night . I saw white under woman under were in the middle of the road it was 3drops of blood in the blood was light

-Jenny M. 2016-04-23 18:06:36

One of the things I keep dreaming about is underwear. There aren’t any sexual connotations about it, sometimes I dream about socks, or bras or just plain white undies. Part of my dream I had yesterday, one woman I used to work with years ago asked if me and some unseen person had any underwear she could use, I was searching through a drawer, it was crammed with socks, undies, etc, I found a white pack of underwear, and then lost it as I kept looking through the drawer, then I found a bra but lost track of that as well. The drawer was a total mess, just totally disorganized.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-04-28 11:05:00

    Dear Jenny M. – You wrote; “There aren’t any sexual connotations about it”.
    Because of some aspect in the dream that you have posted in the entry “police” it could mean that you are repressing your sexual desires; “He wanted me to do ‘something’ (in the dream part of that was blanked out and I could not remember what it was).”
    This dream reflects that it will serve a purpose to sort out what is going on in your inner world of desires; “The drawer was a total mess, just totally disorganized.”
    Allowing and exploring your inner life is a first step towards being able to sort out (your inner conflicts); you cannot sort out what you are not aware of.
    There are several ways to allow and explore your inner world.
    You could use “Being the person” for the woman you used to work with years ago, but also for “some unseen person”.
    The unseen person reflects a side of you that you are not aware of yet; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    Another approach could be to use http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/
    This approach will enable you to make a start towards allowing instead of repressing.
    Anna 🙂

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