Conformity, orthodoxy. Also, authority, power, an expression of a universal activity. A priest has the power of the church behind him; a policeman has the power of the law. So the uniform may imply these influences acting on you. The uniform might also depict your identification with a social role, such as that of a nurse or teacher. In this case it might be about how much you need that role for your own sense of confidence, or maybe how you are changing in the role.

It depends upon the uniform, but can suggest identification with a role, such as soldier or nurse; identification with, or conformity with collective likes and dislikes – being ‘in’ with the group; social pressure to conform; feeling a sense of being accepted or rejected by a group or work situation; social correctness; loss of your own uniqueness.

Some uniforms, such as police particularly link with feelings of authority or social pressure to conform.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What type of uniform is it and does it illustrate a certain conformity or set of rules?

Does this uniform represent the power of a particular role?

Have I ever worn a unirorm and what was I doing?

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