Conformity, orthodoxy. Also, authority, power, an expression of a universal activity. A priest has the power of the church behind him; a policeman has the power of the law. So, the uniform may imply these influences acting on you. The uniform might also depict your identification with a social role, such as that of a nurse or teacher. In this case it might be about how much you need that role for your own sense of confidence, or maybe how you are changing in the role.

This depends on the uniform, but can suggest identification with a role, such as soldier or nurse. It might also say you are identifying with or conforming with collective likes and dislikes – being ‘in’ with the group. This might include feeling a sense of being accepted or rejected by a group or work situation, social correctness, and maybe loss of your own uniqueness. The uniform on someone else could point to social pressure to conform.

Some uniforms, such as police particularly link with feelings of authority or social pressure to conform.

school uniform This usually expresses your feelings about the time you were at school, or what you feel about being at school, or being the age to be in a school uniform.

So, the uniform also holds in it the possibility of the dependence, the desire to ‘get out of a uniform existence’, the desire to excel or escape, you experience or may have experienced at school.

The uniform may simply also link with learning something – what did you actually learn at school – what life lessons, perhaps learned by the experience rather than the lessons?

Army, Air Force, Navy uniform: This may connect with memories you have, either of being in one of these services, or of someone you know in the uniform. If not, then it suggests the qualities or stereotype ideas and feelings you connect with them. See: roles

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did you feel about the uniform either in the dream or in real life?

What is happening in the rest of the dream as a comment on the uniform?

What was your experience of school like and what did you get from it?

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