In its positive aspect the valley depicts everyday life with all its richness.  But it can also show how you have descended from the heights of awareness into material values, sensory impressions of the world, gloominess, outer activity, practical issues, and sometimes into problems and fears.

The valley can also represent the female vagina. Combe in English and Cwm in Welsh is a valley between the hills, but also refers to the vagina.

Example: It is beyond understanding and Life in me cries out – Oh darling – Oh my God – my darling – as you bathe me in the stream rising steadily from your valley – and I bathe you in my living waters as we merge and lose ourselves in each other.

But we have valleys that stand at the base of hills and mountains of human experience.

And I consume what I have formed. But in the midst of my creation and destruction I mark upon my substance the passage of experience. And experience forms valleys and mountains, brightness and shade, misery and laughter.  These valleys and peaks, with the light and shade, are the script with which I write the journal of my being, the record of my life and death.

Idioms: Valley of tears; the shadow of the valley of death; lily of the valley.


-JoLynn 2016-01-15 17:41:40

An interpretation would be appreciated for this dream Thank you
I was on a big piece of land with hills and mountains. It was cold outside. There were big beautiful trees in places but they were being cut down and logged. I was hiking around when I fell into a big crevice. I started fighting my way up the steep hill only to have to duck because of big logs rolling towards me. A few of them almost hit me and they would have surely killed me. I kept falling further and further into a deep valley. I woke up when a bunch of trees and old junk cars came crashing down on me. My heart was racing and pounding out of my chest

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