Anxieties, loss of confidence. It might also suggest you are on the verge of what you usually allow yourself to experience – the shallows of the mind. So you sense a vastness that makes you feel uncomfortable or anxious. See: Acrophobia


-Natalie 2017-06-06 8:42:51

Last night I had a dream that I had been back in my old home town for training and had parked my car in a place I know well. After the training, I was walking back to my car and suddenly felt nauseous and had a severe case of vertigo and felt incredibly anxious. I was walking down a central city street that is well known for having many bars/restaurants and I ran into a few of my old friends (some I haven’t seen in years since I left that town). They didn’t believe that I was suffering from Vertigo and thought I was drunk and were laughing at me. I got dragged into a bar I used to frequent and my friends bought me a drink. I made excuses to go to the ladies room and tried to leave. I got out the door and realised I had left my bags in the ladies room, so went back to get them. While getting my bags, my ex-husband confronted me and told me to get the hell out of his bar (he doesn’t own a bar!) and accused me of spying on him. It was all very bizarre, and happened less than 2 hours into my sleep…I woke up feeling very anxious, with a racing heart and a dry mouth. Some guidance would be great 🙂

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