Fears or feelings that are detrimental to your well-being. A hidden attack, perhaps verbally by someone you know, but you have not been aware of how deeply the influence went. It may also show feelings of uncleanness about something you have done or are involved in. It might also refer to actual bodily infection.

I moved from this to meeting feelings about viral attack. I have become far more aware of such attack over the past few years. I can feel the dropping of my energy as an attack starts and develops. Also, there is a lot of anxiety spread by how much attention the media gives to viral attacks such as we face today. I could feel my own tension in regard to this – viral attack – but could not at first find any resolution of this. I felt how it might become a battle in which one is fighting this way and that, dodging and ducking to avoid defeat. I didn’t want that relationship with illness or a virus. Yet how does one deal with it at a feeling level? This led me to ask for an understanding of viruses. Perhaps if I understood what they did, what place they had in life, then I might be able to find a different approach.

Gradually a subjective image or sense built up of information arising intuitively about viruses. I saw or realised that viruses are like packets of energy, of information. They could be likened to a video recording or a tape recording of music or information. Each video, unless of the same film, holds a different set of data. So, if one video is played a murder film is seen. Another video might produce an educational film about biology – and so on. I saw that each different virus was such a packet of data or information, and that life had produced packets of data about the potential for almost anything. In other words, different viruses could have an infinite number of effects in one system. Some might produce a destructive response, others might produce a positive change in mind or body. They are the information base of life. They are the lumps of information other life forms take and use.

Also I distinctly felt that just as different people going to a video shop would take out different films – some would always take out pornographic or violent films – others might take out tutorial or documentary films – so people actually take into themselves certain types of virus more readily than others. With a pro-life attitude one need not be afraid of viruses. Of course, unconscious negative emotions that are held long without discharge – such as long suppressed guilt, trauma or grief – would attract viruses holding information as destructive as the emotions.

The main point of change for me lay in the feeling that a virus might have a very life enhancing effect, not simply a life destructive one as we are led to believe. At the end I felt I had made an agreement with life for myself, my family that our choice of ‘viral data’ was a life enhancing one. We had chosen to be on the side of life, and this would act as a way of choosing the packets of information we would need for our physical, mental and spiritual growth. We live in the midst of continual change. Part of our fundamental need is to change to meet the altering environment in which we exist. But without care we might choose a direction of change that becomes destructive.

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