State of being which is free of preconceptions; receptivity; girlhood or innocence.

Eliot described it well when he wrote: “I said to my soul be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing: wait without love, for love would be love of the wrong thing.”

“There is yet faith. But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting. Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought. So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.”

This represents the human soul or psyche and its possibility of dropping pre-conceptions, thus attaining an inner virginity and thus being receptive to the unseen or unconscious side of self. Christianity named this the holy ghost impregnating Mary. But older cultures also depicted this inner state of fertile receptivity as well. For instance Egypt expressed this human possibility in the form of Isis. The Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl was born by a virgin named Chimalman, to whom the god Onteol appeared in a dream. Also Buddha’s mother Queen Maya, is said to have dreamt that a six-tusked elephant pierced her side with one of its tusks. This produced an immaculate conception. She understood the dream to mean the resulting child would become a monarch whose domain was the world. What we usually fail to realise is that this is not about an external historical person, but an inner truth about everyone.

Example: I just turned 18 a few weeks ago and I don’t quite understand why I keep having this dream. I had a detailed dream about being pregnant, which I currently am not (I’m a virgin). In my dream I didn’t know I was pregnant, nor did I show any signs or symptoms that I was. While I was studying in my cosmetology class during the summer, I started feeling some pains that I couldn’t describe. At first I had thought I was starting my monthly period, but it was nothing like I had ever felt before. Once my teacher started to notice, she took me to the hospital and the doctors said I was going in to labor. Later that day I had a beautiful premature baby boy named Noah. I didn’t quite understand how it happened, but I saw it as a miracle. He was so healthy, and somehow my parents saw it as a blessing.

Dear young woman, it is natural to dream of having a baby, and a beautiful one too. It is because you are a woman and have the wonderful ability to help Life create another being. And it doesn’t matter that there is no father – don’t you remember the story of Mary and the virgin birth? Unfortunately, the church has mixed us up over it, claiming it only happened once. But it is about the wonder of women and their ability to create – it is about every woman. You have brought forth something that only Life has given you – as the story says – and it is a special and holy inner child that will grow and mature if you care for it. Remember, you have the power of creation, and that was seen as holy in past cultures. So, please read Woman’s Creative Power

When we experience this personally as in the example, the child we conceive is the union between the receptive conscious self and wider awareness or Life. This receptivity and virginity of mind leads to the birth in oneself of a force or activity that gradually transforms and enlarges one’s life and experience. For it is your own enormous potential that often gets squashed by our education. In the west we call what grows in us ‘The Christ’. Other cultures give it different names. See Potential Virgin – How I became One

In a woman’s dream: Oneself if still a virgin; a daughter; that one has had sex doesn’t mean that ones girlhood feelings actually were met and mated with. These might very well reappear in a new relationship or in a phase of ones marriage.

In a man’s dream: Ones feeling self which is receptive; ones soul or psyche; the aspect of oneself which can connect with expanded awareness because it can rid itself of preconceptions. See: How I Became A VirginMary – virgin.

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