Memories; past experience; aspects of yourself put in storage, such as ambition while bringing up children. In some dreams it might be shown as a place of activity, creativity or commerce or even as a place to shop. See: Shopping.

A warehouse offers enormous space, and if the dream is positive in feeling, suggests great possibilities you have. See: Space.

In many films’ warehouses are often used to show criminal or murderous scenes. But in peoples dreams they can be about any activity. So, look up the activity for clues to its meaning. See What is the main action in the dream?

Example: So, the next step in interpreting your dream was to understand your arrival in a huge room like a warehouse, it was well lit but filled with papers old paintings, pieces of wood, scraps. My guess is that this represents your huge memory filled with scraps, old imaginations – paintings – papers – your intellectual learning; but again, a huge place showing your potential.

The Master gave you a carton that you opened – this indicates finding something that you had not been aware of till it is opened. Opening often represents opening to a new realisation or a new facet of your mind. You found a stencil of a horse’s head – the key advantage of a stencil is that it can be reused to repeatedly and rapidly produce the same letters or design. Then the Master said, “That’s Napoleon, teaching him how to fly.” A stencil is rather like a habit, producing the same result over and over, until it turns into a living thing like Pegasus that can fly.

The suggestion is that if you keep repeating the new action it breaks through old habits and becomes a new way. Flying suggests the desire to rise above things, to attain greater heights, to break free of limiting viewpoints or cultural norms. Freud explained all flying dreams as expressive of sexual desires, intercourse, or life in the womb, which in some cases is true. But flying also represents ambition, abstract thought, and rising above your fears. See: Shopping;

Example: I dreamt I took LSD given me by Ann. All sorts of things happened. I was going up in a lift, and a very beautiful girl got in. It then seemed as if we went into another dimension. Possibly she had tricked me into having sex with her. Anyway, we walked into a huge warehouse place, and there were glass cases with us at various stages of the future. In one case, we had three daughters, very lovely. Then, as we progressed into time, it was as if body changes took place, and the fingers became segmented, and the face changed. Then we were back in the lift. There were various other experiences, and then I was back in the house, coming out of the LSD. All the colours were very bright still, I began to tidy up the furniture, and realised it was morning and I was not tired from a night of being awake.

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