Often appears alongside sunlight and comfort in dreams; physical comfort and well-being; supportive family feelings; love, cheerfulness or hopefulness; feeling of emotional situation ‘warming up’. Very often when dream that point out lack of warmth and love appear we may need to parent ourselves. See Depend Dependent Depending

One has to learn how to parent yourself in way that one could raise yourself into a non-dependent, non-grasping and non-jealous adult. I had a sort of mantra which I held in mind when things got tough – “Love without grasping – Power without breaking or bending other lives – Wisdom through which love can flow.”

To be able to parent oneself you need honesty to see the faults your parents live in, raising you and also to be capable of seeing your own failures in raising any of your own children. Strange as it may seem, most of us are often terribly judgmental, impatient and angry with ourselves, and so this would be a tragic thing to raise yourself with. Also, we are awful at admitting our own faults, all of which make us inadequate parents, and not good at self-parenting. The fundamental needs of childhood are almost never met by modern parenting within the environment of today’s commercial and industrial world. See Ages of Love

Example: I understood what she said implied that because of being trapped in badly misshaped bodies, the children had gradually played with their mental faculties and broken through the boundaries most people live within. They had thus discovered these wild talents.

I went and sat on the end of one of the beds – the children were all girls – and I felt very warm to them. I put my hand under the bedclothes and held one of the girl’s legs affectionately. They were so eager for any affection one of them managed to squirm from her bed under the covers to the bed I was sitting on and get into my arms. I held her very lovingly and there was a great feeling of pleasurable warmth between us.

In exploring the dream, the girl says to the dreamer, “I wasn’t properly formed, because I was born two months prematurely, so it was very traumatic to be separated as a baby. I am trying to heal this at the moment. I feel the struggle of resisting what has happened to me. I cry out that I don’t want to be born. I am not ready. I feel deeply alone. There is in me a sense that tells me I shouldn’t be alone. It is like something that pushes me to seek not to be separated. I feel lost. I’m not ready for this world. I’m feeling awful. My whole body feels strange and collapsed in some way. Then I knew someone loved me. I knew they understood what pain was and were not afraid of it or of death. This pierced me right through. It was my grandmother, but to me it felt like some higher being who had reached out of the unknown to help me. She was my resurrection; her warm love gave me life.”

Example: So, Mrs. C. is being reminded by her dreams that she is neglecting either the needs arising from her own childhood emotional dependence or her need for warmth and love as a baby. The imagery of the dream suggest it is warmth and love she is not getting enough of, and most likely she didn’t get enough when she was a baby.

Example: Even though I looked barely pregnant in the dream, yet I gave birth at home with no pain. I was very happy and felt a lot of warmth, care, and protection towards my baby and cuddled him a great deal.

Example: “Not that my father had ever hit me. He hadn’t. But blows would have been less painful than this absence of love and encouragement from the man who was most important in my life. So, my conflict with him had led me to never able to co-operate at school, at work, in marriage. I had to keep on at my wife over nothing, just to prove how good we were. I didn’t understand what he wanted of me. So, I kept on at my kids like he kept on at me. Trying to attain the unobtainable instead of a little warmth and love. “Dad, you killed me right back then”.

Example: The corridor comes out to my own front yard. My grandfather draws my attention to a cloud through which shines a beautiful golden sunbeam. My grandfather tells me that the sunbeam represents love, the greatest power in the Universe, and that I have to learn to love and accept the circumstances of my life, forgiving and understanding those who I feel short-changed me. If I can do this, he tells me, I can use this power to help others and I myself would develop more rapidly. His grandfather had died, but Herb had dearly loved and admired him. In reviewing this part of his dream, it was clear to Herb that his grandfather represented his higher self, his teacher and guide, and that he was indeed guiding Herb to the best that meditation could offer. “In my dream I was aware of my body in bed. The sunbeam came through the roof and hovered over me. I could let it enter my body if I wished. I allowed the beam to enter my being, and it did so at the base of my spine and moved up my back and came out the top of my head in a shower of sparkling golden light. I felt the soothing warmth of it and allowed it to enter again. I felt inspiration and joy and awakened with tears of happiness streaming down my cheeks.” Herb felt that he had experienced in his dream what he could obtain in meditation by applying the precepts in his dream to his everyday life.   See: Heat-Hot.

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